Never is a photo app that leverages AI to generate photorealistic images and avatars that are so realistic they may make users question whether they were ever digital.

The app uses advanced algorithms to create portraits, characters, and compositions in various styles, including Cyberpunk and God of War. Never offers a range of features that make it stand out from other photo apps, such as a variety of avatar styles to choose from and an easy-to-use interface.

Users can purchase virtual currency called NX coins that give them access to premium features and generate even more high-quality photos and avatars. The app can generate high-resolution images that can be used for various social media platforms up to 4k renders.

Installing the app is easy, and it’s free to download; however, some features require payment. The app’s privacy policy ensures that user data is safe and secure, and the app only collects and uses the information necessary to provide its services and improve the user experience.

Users can share their unique referral link with friends to earn NX coins as a reward, and as the app goes through its launch phase, more packages may become available.



What is Never image generation?

Never is an application that uses AI to generate highly realistic avatars and images. These images are made to be so lifelike that they can make users question if they were ever digital. It uses advanced algorithms to generate diverse portraits, characters, and compositions in various styles including Cyberpunk and God of War.

Can Never generate high-quality images for social media platforms?

Yes, Never is capable of generating high-quality images suitable for various social media platforms. The app can generate high-resolution images up to 4k, making it ideal for crafting stunning visual content for social media.

How does Never create photorealistic images and avatars?

Never uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create photorealistic images and avatars. The AI analyzes input data to generate portraits, characters and compositions, producing realistic high-resolution images up to 4k.

What styles of avatars can be created with Never?

Never can generate avatars in a wide range of styles. This includes styles such as Cyberpunk, God of War, and many others. The resulting avatars can range from being as commonplace as a man in a blue suit with a black tie, to a futuristic cyborg with glowing eyes in a Cyberpunk art style, to characters from mythology like God Krishna.

How can users purchase NX coins?

NX coins, the virtual currency used within Never, can be purchased within the app after the final launch. Users can acquire more coins by referring the app to friends and social media followers.

What are the premium features of Never?

The premium features of Never include an array of avatar styles to choose from and a user-friendly interface. The app also allows users to generate high-quality photos and avatars, tailored towards crafting stunning visuals for social media. However, these premium features will require the purchase of NX coins.

How does privacy work with Never?

Never prioritizes user privacy, implementing industry-standard security measures to protect users’ data. The app only collects and uses data necessary for the provision of services and enhancement of user experience. User data is not shared with third parties without explicit user consent.

How do users earn NX coins through referrals?

Users can earn NX coins through referrals by sharing their unique referral link with friends. When others sign up using this link and complete their profile, the referrer is rewarded with NX coins.

Are there any upcoming package deals for Never?

Not Available

Do I need to pay for downloading Never?

Although Never is free to download, some features do require payment. Users can access all features by purchasing packages. More information about these packages will be shared on Never’s social channels.

How can Never be installed?

To install Never, one simply has to search for ‘Never app’ in the App Store or Google Play Store. After finding it, they need to click on ‘Download’ or ‘Install’ and the app will automatically start installing. Once the installation is complete, they can open the app and follow the instructions to start creating their own AI-generated photos.

What are the requirements for creating avatars with Never?

In order to create avatars with Never, users need to have NX coins. The app uses the selfie provided by the user to verify their portfolio before generating the avatar.

How does the referral system in Never work?

Never’s referral system works by providing a unique referral link to users. Users can then share this link with their friends. When those friends sign up for the app using the shared link and complete their profile, the original user is rewarded with NX coins.

Is it possible to generate images in 4k with Never?

Yes, Never can generate high-resolution images up to 4k. The app uses advanced AI algorithms to create detailed images with the capability of being used on various social media platforms.

Can Never make Cyberpunk style images?

Yes, Never can create Cyberpunk-style images. The app leverages its advanced AI and algorithms to create diverse portraits and characters, including those in Cyberpunk style.

What is Never’s user interface like?

The Never user interface is easy to use according to information from their website. Users can easily navigate through the application to generate their own avatars and high-quality photos.

What are the types of avatars Never can generate?

Never can generate a wide array of avatars. The styles can range from common everyday ones to characters from mythology like God Krishna, to futuristic styles like a Cyberpunk cyborg.

Do I need NX coins to access all features of Never?

Yes, NX coins are required to access all features of Never. These features include generating high-quality photos and avatars in a variety of styles, enhanced with the user-friendly interface of the app.

What are God of War style images in Never?

God of War style images in Never refer to avatars or images created to resemble the aesthetic of the popular video game ‘God of War’. One example from Never’s website shows an AI-generated image of a man made to look like Kratos, a primary character from the God of War series.

Does Never offer rewards for referring friends?

Yes, Never does offer rewards for referring friends. When the referred friends sign up and complete their profile on the app, the referring user is rewarded with NX coins, the app’s virtual currency.

Generates realistic avatars

Advanced algorithms for image creation

Variety of avatar styles

Easy-to-use interface

NX coins for premium features

High-resolution images up to 4k

Easy installation

Privacy policy protects user data

Referral rewards with NX coins

Constant updates and new packages

Wide range of styles including Cyberpunk

Range of social media formats

Availability in App Store and Play Store

Frequent functionality updates

Unique referral link for sharing

Creation of characters and compositions

Offers virtual in-app currency

Privacy-focused with minimal data usage

Supports high def render outputs

Generates images based on various prompts

Customizable avatars

Avatar styles based on popular culture

Requires virtual currency

Premium features not free

Limited styles to choose

Needs app installation

No offline use

No API offered

Might need frequent updates

Referral for extra features

No desktop version

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