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I love the chats section on Express Crypto because for some of us that have been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for over five years now, our lives would have been worth 1 BTC or more if the brilliant Developers from Express Crypto had invented it earlier. Probably the same year as Mack Zuckerburg’s sh*tty non paying platform that does nothing these days but sucks our data and turns most of our young minds into “Digital Zombies” in the name of trending videos that keeps bombarding our news feed.

By now you are asking what am up to with this write-up. Well, I am telling you about “The most Legit platform ” I have known so far in the world of Crypto currency and Micro Wallets, Crypto Storage and Payments, Staking, Gambling, Gaming, and more. Express Crypto delivers exactly what it promises. No more, no less. use this link ( CLICK HERE ) to meet me there and let me show you around the platform,

One thing I like about Express Crypto is the chat section as mentioned above. It gives you the opportunity to meet like minded people who are already and mostly way ahead in the world of Bitcoin, Crypto currencies and more. Indeed, if you follow and obey the rules set by the platform, you will not just receive Express Crypto points (ECP) To help you level up quickly, but also enjoy massive amount of gifts and rain from it’s tall list of chatters and the server bots respectively.

A new registrant starts at “Level One” – What I call the welcome level. The moment you get in, kindly browse towards the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions Menu from the left side of the website and read all there is to know about Express Crypto. After, read the rules concerning how not to get banned in the chats and then quickly jump into conversation by starting probably with the message :” Hello EC”. from there if you are lucky enough, you might get an instant reply from an admin or A moderator (Shortly written (MOD). They will always be at your beck and call to answer any help you might require in using this Heaven sent platform that promises to elevate the financial status of it’s users, not only in their country of origin but the whole wide world. Also try hard to level up as much as you can to unlock other salient parts of Express Crypto and get more surprises as you go along. At level 6, you can send or receive gifts via the chat system in the form of coins, at level ten (10), your offerwalls section of the platform is opened to you and good news is, each level you attain contributes to how much percentage you get paid out to your wallet as Return on Staking (ROS). At the moment, staking is available for the following coins Cardano (ADA), Komodo (KMD), Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ) and Reddcoin (RDD).

Dear, please stop wasting time, quickly CLICK HERE to register with a strong password. remember to add Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to your account so as to strengthen it’s security. Also Try and make more friends with it’s users to help you learn more about the platform in general. Look out for the Legends and make them your mentors through this journey on Express Crypto.

In conclusion, I will like you to get this straight. If you wasting your time on any other platform aside Express Crypto then you losing big time. Because this platform is on a mission to putting enough crypto currencies of high value into the wallets of it’s users and I will like you to be part of this train. The Express Crypto train. See you there…

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