Demonic covenants simply refer to situations where people give themselves to demons as their gods. There is always a pact between the people and the demonic world. In the begining of such arrangements, a convenant is entered. Perhaps the person seeks wealth, children, protection, power to rule over others or anything else.  The priest representing the demon will outline the requirements which must include shedding of  the blood of an animal at least. In some cases even human blood is required.

In Africa, chickens are commonly used and goats as well. Sometimes, cows.It depends on what the demon wants and what the person seek. Many politicians do this to win elections. Fake pastors also do to have power for miracles, signs and wonders.

During the period of sacrifice, the person concerned will tell the demon his needs and takes an oath of allegiance that he and his household will for ever serve the demon in exchange for whatever was agreed that the demon will do for them.

This forms a binding covenant in the realms of the spirit between the family of the person and the demon. It is usually agreed that it is renewed from time to time. Like every year, the person offers blood sacrifice in appreciation to the demon.

Usually this pact goes beyond the person who engages in it. Once it is entered, it goes down to his offerings of generations yet unborn. This is easy because apart from what was spoken and promised, the children are all partakers of the demonic wealth or protection of the demon. They are part of the seal.

Usually, these demons do not trouble them once the family keeps their part of the covenant. A lot innocent people are suffering from this today without their knowledge. What is happening today is that many people born so many years after the covenant was made have no idea what was done.

They have abandoned the sacrifice their ancestors made to the gods, and the gods are angry. They attack the people in their anger as a way of bringing them to worship them as per the original covenant made with their ancestors.

This is why so many are in church and are still harrassed by demons even when they did not enter into any demonic covenant themselves. Demons cause poverty, sickness, failure in marriage, marriagelessness, barrenness, constant fighting in marriage, lack of affection for one’ spouse, disappointments, promise and fail, poverty etc. And many are victims of this demonic activities.

Being a christian is not enough. This must be broken for the people involved to be free. The good news is that we have authority over demons and they can be easily cast out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Once a deliverance prayer starts, the demon will manifest and cast out by a deliverance minister. That is how to break the convenant. This is why proper form of baptism is very neccesary. It plays a huge part especially after deliveance has taken place. Some demons are so stubborn you will need baptism to weaken their stronghold even before deliverance will take place. 

Please note that repentance, confession and renunciation are also very important for true deliverance to take place, especially if those who did the act are still alive. Confession shames the devil. We must never be ashamed to confess our sins and be free.

I came from one such family where my father had covenants with evil spirits. He was not a bad man. It was because of his traditional  gods that he worshipped which were nothing but demons. Thank God my father gave his life to Christ before he passed away at the age of 90.  By God’s grace, Jesus has broken all such covenants in my life.

And I thank God for giving me the anointing to deal with such in the life of others which has become common in my ministry. I speak from experience

#Myadvice: Anyone who has such experiences needs deliverance to be free. May you receive your deliverance from all demonic covenants in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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