Never think because you are born again, a man or woman of God, Satan cannot afflict you. It is possible to be afflicted by demons, notwithstanding the anointing we carry. Experience has taught me that at one point or the other, the enemy can afflict any believer in Christ, including men of God. If you discover an evil spirit has afflicted you, it does not mean you are no longer anointed or no longer a child of God. Simply seek help from God for deliverance from such.

Some ministers, especially those who operate in the prophetic, have anger issues. Some have been afflicted by the spirit of lies, envy, greed, disobedience and all manner of vices.

Some ministers have issues with envy. They envy their fellow men of God. They want to be seen as the most anointed. So, they can’t bear to see God using another man of God more than themselves. The result is envy. All these are the works of Satan. Those involved need deliverance.

I used to have serious issues with anger. It was so serious; I was loosing blessings without my knowledge. Note that I was already a man of  God at that time. However, I was afflicted by the spirit of anger. One day, the Lord told me that Satan was using anger to rob me. That was in 2017. The prophecy came to me through a 16-year-old girl in our church. The Holy Spirit used her to tell me how much Satan was using anger to destroy the ministry. I needed deliverance from the evil spirit. The solution was to embark on 7 days prayer with dry fasting (no food and no water).

Thank God for his grace. I took everything the Lord said through the young lady in good faith. It was an open prophecy. But I was not ashamed. One week later, I left my station and went to a prayer camp to do as the Lord directed. On the fifth day of the exercise, the Lord gave me a scripture. It was Jeremiah 35. After reading it, I realized that my prayer had been answered due to my obedience to His instructions.

A few days after the exercise, a sister in our church had a dream about me. She dreamt that I was a changed person, not giving to anger any more. Indeed, the spirit of anger was gone till today. I was delivered because despite being a man of God, I aknowledged that Satan had afflicted me with the spirit of anger.

As pastors, we must not die in silence. We are not God. We, too, need deliverance  from satanic  strongholds if there are any in our lives. Like I, who, had issues with anger, allow God to help you if you have problems. Yours can be envy, greed, pride, lying, lust, etc… God is able to help you if you are willing to humble yourself and accept that you need help.

You can see how a prophetic word which the Lord gave to me through a 16-year-old girl set me free from the spirit of anger. 

What if I had rejected the word she gave me out of pride? I would be the loser and not her.

Let us not despise prophecy.

Let us not chose whom God must speak through. If God used a donkey, how much more a human being he created in his own image?

Status should not rob us of God’s blessings.

Irrespective of the vessel He chooses to speak to us, let us be humble to do as God says, so we can be delivered from the shackles of the enemy.

Truth be told, “Men of God also need deliverance”.  Thank you.


Source:  “Truth be told (TBT) series”

Author:   Apostle Frank B. Ogbu

Head Pastor/Overseer

Champion Grace Eternal Ministries

Ayikai Doblo, Amasaman

Accra, Ghana

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