Because of so much ignorance in the Body of Christ these days, every song with the name of Jesus or God in it is automatically termed as gospel music. That is sad.

 After listening to so many songs from many people who call themselves gospel artistes, I continue to ask this question, “Are you just a singer or a minister of God’s word through music?

It is sad to say that many people in church do not know that there is a huge difference between singing and ministering to the Lord through music.

 Many secular artistes can sing and perform very well on stage. They have very good voices. They have stage-craft and they work hard to impress their audience. But that is as far as they can go. Their music moves the flesh and not the spirit. Yet, they are good in what they do and are proud to be where and who they are. They do not copy gospel artistes. They know the difference and won’t cross the border.

Someone like the late Michael Jackson was a great singer and performer. He had one of the best singing voices ever. During his performances, many would be so emotional, they will even faint. But that did not make him a gospel artiste and he never claimed to be one. Those who fainted during his performances did not faint because of the power of God. It was the great performance by the King of Pop that touched their flesh and they reacted to it that way.

Michael Jackson was known as the “King of Pop” and he was proud of it till he died.

But the same cannot be said of many who call themselves gospel artistes of our time. Truthbetold, many who call themselves gospel artistes today are not even born again Christians. There are just a confused bunch of people in the music industry who have found a fertile ground in the church to exhibit their singing talents.What I am saying is evident from the type of music they make which has nothing to do with God.


Truthbetold; what they do is simply secular music mistaken for gospel music by the ignorant. The lyrical contents of their songs has nothing to do with God. Just like their secular partners, these people are not ministers of God, they sing to please the world. Luckily for them the church of today is full of worldly people who pretend to be Christians. So, they have them to endorse their so-called gospel music. But the truth is that most of these people who claim that they are gospel musicians are nothing but singers and entertainers. The music videos they churn out is a clear evidence of who they really are. They dress and dance like their friends in the world. Whatever they do is devoid of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


That is why when gospel musicians of today gather, they perform the same way the secular musicians do. They entertain the audience instead of ministering the word of God to them. Like their friends in the world, it is just another concert. The difference is that they do it in the name of God. That is why at the end of it all, no soul is won, because the spirit of God is not there.


If truly you are a gospel artiste, you will be different from those who sing to entertain. Your goal is to minster unto God’s people and not to entertain.

Never forget that a gospel artiste is a man or woman of God who ministers God’s word through music. If what you do as a musician does not glorify God, then you need to join those who sing to please the flesh; that is where you belong.


Truthbetold; it is not about your sweet voice, it is about ministering to God and his people. So stop deceiving yourself and others that you are a gospel artiste when all your works shows that you are a secular one.


The Bible says, ” By their fruit you shall know them”. Your work is a reflection of the real you. You are either with God or with the world. Be honest with yourself and change before it becomes too late for you.


Truthbetold; You will give account of the people you are dragging to hell fire with your so-called gospel music which only promotes the kingdom of Satan.

Remember, no one can serve two masters at the same time. You are either a secular musician or a gospel artiste. You can never be both at the same time.


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