THE FIGHT OVER “TITLES” BY MEN OF GOD

A true servant of God is not interested in titles. We know that the Bible clearly recognizes five ministry gifts; Apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist and teacher as recorded in Ephesians 4 vs. 11. The Bishop title that many seem to have placed above the ministry gifts is not even a calling. It is a title which anyone can assume provided the person meets the stipulated criteria as recorded in 1Timothy 3.

Like we all know, many people in church today are fighting over titles. Interestingly, many of these titles are not even in the Bible. I am yet to see any one in the Bible who was reffered to as an Arch Bishop, Great Bishop, Apostle General, Pope and all the crazy titles that some men and women of God have imposed on themselves these days.

Truthbetold; God has no interest in titles and, sadly enough, all these man made titles do not move God on bit. Many times in the Bible, Paul referred to himself as an Apostle which is a ministry gift office duly recorded in the Bible. It is an acceptable ministry title till today in the Body of Christ. No one can fault any of the ministry gift titles. Those who have been called into such offices have every right to go by it.

But then, the Apostles of old were not crazy and arrogant about titles. They were comfortable with who God said they were. There was no time they tried to manufacture their own titles and impose it on the people they led. In fact, they were so humble, many times they preffered to refer to themselves as servants of God instead of using their ministry title which they had every right to. Even John the Divine upon receiving the Revelation also referred to himself as a servant of God in the Revelation record.

Truthbetold, I totally believe that any title that does not conform with the word of God is a show of arrogance with the intention to intimidate and lord it over others.  We all have our functions in the church and no one is greater than the other. This does not mean that we must not recognize those the Lord has placed ahead of us in ministry. There are levels in everything and no one can say that we do not have elders in the church. We do and we must give respect to our leaders and elders, but this is not based on titles. I recognize the fact that we have different functions and callings,  but the anointing of God does not depend on titles.

Truthbetold, I have a strong conviction that many leaders in the church today have forgotten the true meaning of the word, “Church.” May be we should remind us once again that the church is the “Body of Christ.” The body is made up different parts with different functions. In the human body for instance, we have the head, hands, nose, eyes, tongue, legs etc. They all have their different functions and compliment one another. If one part was to be taken away, the rest of the body will suffer seriously. So, none can claim superiority over others.

Truthbetold; If we compared the Body of Christ to our physical body, can someone say which part of the body is an apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist or pastor? I am not sure anyone could do that. It is therefore very important to understand that every part of the body is as important as the other. We recognize people with different callings, but this does not mean that one ministry gift is greater than the other. It is most beneficial to live together and in peace as members of one body and avoid all the unnecessary and unhealthy competitions that are ruining the Body of Christ today.

Truthbetold, those who saw Christ in human form and also knew him in the spirit as recorded in the scriptures had no time for titles. They were just happy to be called servants, friends and sons of God. They knew that their salvation was based on their obedience to God and not on titles. The same applies to true believers of today. Every true child of God does not care about titles. He or she is more interested in pleasing the Lord than in pursuing carnality in form of titles.

I understand the word Apostle means Sent. Someone who has been sent to fulfil a particular purpose. For example, Mary Magdalene was the first to see and speak to the ressurrected Jesus. Jesus sent her to go and tell the disciples that he was risen(John 20 vs. 17 – 18) Does that not make her an apostle? Yet she was not referred to as one in the Bible. But we cant deny that she was an apostle because she was also sent with what I will call the greatest good news which was to announce to the unbelieving disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Truthbetold, I really think that the church is throwing away humility for fame and power. If the brethren understood that humility is the key to being a faithful servant, no one will bother himself with titles. Titles will never open the gates of heaven to anyone. I am afraid, the church is becoming too carnal to see the truth.


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