TITLES AND POWER

I have consistently maintained and will always maintain that God is not interested in titles and the anointing of God upon an individual has nothing to do with the title that individual puts upon himself. This post like some of my other posts does not sit well with many people. I respect their opinion. I do not expect everyone to see things my way. So I take no offence when people disagree with my posts the same way I also disagree with other people’s post when what they say does not line up with the word of God. We surely do have different opinions as we see things differently. But truly speaking, I respect their opinions notwithstanding our disagreement. But then,  I still maintain that as Christians God has called us to save souls and not import worldly titles into the body of Christ as has become the manner of many church leaders. 

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Truthbetold,  no matter how long, heavy or big your title is, it has no supernatural power in it and will never do what the glorious name of Jesus Christ can do. If your big title cannot heal the sick or raise a dead fly not to talk of saving a lost soul, why then boast in it?  We are what we are and whom we are because of Jesus Christ. Without him, we are nothing. Jesus Christ is all and in all. No man or woman of God is anything without Jesus Christ. So we must glory in the name that has power than in a dead title that serves no purpose in the kingdom of God. And that name is none other than the name, “Jesus Christ.” 

Truthbetold, one of the setbacks we are experiencing in the body of Christ today is the outrageous quest for titles. Instead of pointing people to Christ, many church leaders are rather drawing attentions to themselves with all manner of titles that has no place in the Bible. I have seen a lot of miracles in the church. The blind has seen, the lame has walked, all manner of sicknesses are being healed and people are constantly being delivered from demonic attacks everyday. Interestingly, all these miracles have been done and can only be done in one name;  “Jesus Christ.”

Now,  if Jesus Christ is the only name that can do wonders, heal the sick, set the captives free, cast out demons, raise the dead and above all, save souls from condemnation; then why are you so crazy about titles? What difference can your title make if it cant do what the Almighty name of Jesus Christ can do? 

Truthbetold; until the day your big, long title starts healing people and casting out demons and saving souls over the name of Jesus Christ, it will remain just another useless worldly title. So why glory in something that adds no spiritual value to your life or may even cause your downfall? Remember, as Christians, we are in the world, but never of the world.  Jesus Christ is the only name that saves, not your big, long titles.  


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