WHO OWNS THE CHURCH?  

One of the numerous evil going on in church today is the wicked and ungodly attitude of many church leaders not to allow the Holy Spirit move in the midst of His people.

Truthbetold, The Holy Spirit wants to do new things in the midst of His people. He wants to raise new people with gifts to heal, prophesy, cast out demons, etc. But many church leaders have denied Him the opportunity to do so. This is because, they are afraid of attention shifting from them to what they call “ordinary members”. The reason for this is because such pastors are promoting themselves instead of glorying Christ. So, they fear loosing their imaginary place as “God” before their members. This is evil. No man is God and no man will ever be God. God remains God for ever. People should stop deceiving themselves and submit to God for their own good.

Truthbtold; there is no such thing as ordinary member in the house of God. We are all children of God. Jesus Christ died for all of us. We all have a place in the house of the Father and the Lord wants to use all of us to build the kingdom. Yet, many pastors are resisting Him from doing His work in His own house. What an act of wickedness?

How can you have a church of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 10,000 people and only the leader can prophesy, heal, cast out demons, etc. In effect, how can only one person be “the anointed” in the house of God? This deception is the work of men and it is because they have sacked the Holy Spirit from using His people in the church.

In my ministry, every gift in the church is given the opportunity to grow. I have more people in the congregation prophesying even more than I do. This is because I have made room for the Holy Spirit to lead His church and use anyone he chooses for his work, instead of me posing like a god to my members.

I have never and will never forget that the Church belongs to Christ. I am only a servant. I have no right to suppress the gifts in the church of God.

Truthbetold; many church leaders are envious of the gifts in the church. Instead of encouraging them, they have suppressed such gifts from manifesting. So many gifted children of God are sitting like dead wood in the church. This is why many churches are spiritually dead.

Truthbetold; when you sack the Holy Spirit from doing His work in the church, what you have is nothing but a dead church. No wonder we have many carnal and dead churches all over the world. Such churches where the voice of God is heard from only one person. Have you ever asked yourself why it is only your pastor that is anointed in your church?

Pastors and church leaders must understand that we are servants and not masters in the house of God. The Holy Spirit is the owner of the church. We must not become rebels by sitting in the seat of God as has become the custom of many so-called church leaders. This is a great sin.

Truthbetold; If you are a church leader who wants to see the real power of God in the church you Pastor, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Stop behaving as if you are some superhuman and stop suppressing the gifts of God in the church.

Remember, one day, we will all give account of our stewardship to God at the end of time.

Truthbetold; If you resist God from operating in His Church, He will also resist you from entering His kingdom on the last day. You have been warned.

The anointing – The Supernatural vrs. the Spectacular – know the difference.

A lot of people have confused the anointing of God(The Supernatural) upon believers, with the power of Satan(The Spectacular) upon his agents. That is why anyone who can do signs and wonders of whatever form is said to be anointed. Quite funny!

Truthbetold, not everyone who does something spectacular in the name of Jesus is anointed. After all, magicians do spectacular things which could easily be seen as miracle. It is called the swiftness of the hand that deceives the eye.

Unfortunately, we have many magicians in the church parading themselves as anointed men and women of God, and many ignorant church goers who think they are Christians are falling for their tricks. We must know that there is a huge difference between the spectacular and the supernatural.

Truthbetold; a spectacular occurrence is what we see when magicians operate and a supernatural occurrence is what we witness when the anointing is at work. To the carnal eyes, both the spectacular and the supernatural look the same, but they are not. Only a Holy Ghost filled person with the spirit of discernment can know the difference.

The spirit of discernment is a spiritual gift given to the church to, above all things, discern the source of spiritual activities around us. Unfortunately, this is one gift that is seriously lacking in the church today. The lack of accurate operation of this particular spiritual gift in the Body of Christ in our time is one of the reasons the affairs of satanic agents parading themselves as men and women of God are growing very fast under our nose without our knowledge of who is for God, and who is for Satan. Yet, everyone of us claim we are the anointed of God, which is not true.

Didn’t Jesus rightly say that by their fruits you shall know them? Why has it become so difficult these days to see the difference? It is simply because our discerning ability is malfunctioning.

Now, let me speak about two important signs of the anointing in the life of a true man or woman of God which will help you to know the difference.

Love and compassion

Truthbetold; If a man or woman is genuinely called and anointed by the Holy Spirit, certain things will be clearly seen in the person’s life and ministry. Things like obedience, holiness and humility; coupled with love and compassion will clearly be part of the person’s life.

Now, apart from obedience, holiness and humility, love and compassion are the things that feed the anointing. Both of them exhibit mercy.

Christ loved the people and kept having compassion on them. The sick and the oppressed always asked him to have mercy on them. He could have ignored them or charged them money before helping them like many so-called anointed men and women of God are doing today. But Jesus showed mercy to them without charging any money and that was because he had love and compassion for the people.

Truthbetold, how can a true man of God, truly anointed of God ask someone in trouble to pay him before he uses the anointing God gave him free of charge to set the person free?

The Bible says that by reason of the anointing, the yoke shall be broken. Isaiah 10:27

The above statement means that we are anointed to break yokes off the necks of those in bondage. Why then are people who claim they are anointed causing more pain to those already in bondage by asking them to pay money for deliverance from the yoke the enemy has already placed on their necks? Why?

In Acts 10 : 38, the scripture tells us clearly what Jesus did with the power and the anointing that operated in his life. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.”

Truthbetold; Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power. All he did with that anointing was to do good; to heal the sick and set free those who were oppressed of the devil. All was done free of charge because the anointing operates through love and compassion.

Jesus used his anointing free on the people which is an example for us. So, how can anyone who claims that he is anointed use the the anointing as a weapon of oppression which Jesus whom he or she claims to serve did not do?

Truthbetold; anointing without love and compassion is demonic. Nothing good will ever come out of it. A man of God who operates outside the realm of love and compassion does not represent Christ. He is a business man or woman whose interest is his or her stomach. Beware of such people. They can only make your life worse than you were before you met them.

But then, we must realize that not all we see in churches today are done with the power of God. Like I said earlier, magicians are spectacular, but the anointing is supernatural. The moment an anointed person begin to use the anointing as a money making tool, he or she has become a satanic agent. Avoid such people. They are not of Christ. If we are true followers of Jesus Christ, we will not do what he did not do.

Truthbetold; these days, both the spectacular and the supernatural are in the church. It is up to you to discern which is which. Remember, “The Spectacular” is of the devil, but “The Supernatural” is of God. Be wise!

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