Scam Alert! Stay Away from COINPOT

The world of Crypto is getting murkier and murkier by the day and this calls for concern. Not long ago, the once-loved micro wallet platform FaucetHub just had to shut down without informing it’s users just because according to them some Governments have started regulating crypto-based platforms and therefore it has become imminent that they shut down.

In fact, This has left several users of the platform worried as thousands of accounts have gotten locked out. Landing on their website, they actually inform you that they will migrate all users of their platform to a new one they are creating. Fine but question is, is this really true? Well we will tackle that later.

Now, this article focuses on the once loved crypto-based platform called coin pot. CoinPOT was one of the platforms I thought could stand the test of time when it first launched in 2017. In fact, back then, I was amazed at how you could easily multiply your earned satoshis accrued from various websites like moon BitCOIN .

One feature that COINPOT gave its users that was so amazing was the daily leveling feature that gives you extra coins just for returning to the website every day the next day. unfortunately, all these nice reviews about COINPOT are about to hit the rocks. I, therefore, advise you to quickly withdraw your BITCOIN, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM, etc, if you have reached their minimum withdrawal limit.

Check the ratings of Coinpot on Trustpilot and you will see all the negative reviews it has started receiving. This is because the owners of the platform have started logging out users and also blocking admins.

As of 10th February 2020, CoinPOT has received over 100 negative reviews since it’s users are not happy about how they are being treated. Unfortunately, it is not even possible to report them to any law enforcement agency, so to cause arrest for causing public deceit. Truth be told, information about the founders, as well as the business location is non-available. Read reviews about COINPOT on trust pilot by following the link below.


So as we say in the world of Crypto, COINPOT has started scamming and the earlier you learn to stop using that platform, the better it is for you.

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