Wisdom Hour 3

  1. IF YOU dream like a leader, you LEARN to speak like a PRESIDENT.
  2. DON’T ASKED yourelf can i succeed in life, but try to Do what you dream for, because the MOMENT you start asking yourself can i succeed, you are doubting your DREAMS.
  3. THE BEST way to make yourelf happy is to SAY the truth ALWAYS.
  4. LIFE IS rewarding and hopeful when you draw NEAR to God. He will also draw near to you, as YOU BUILD a relationship with HIM.
  5. EVERYONE IS looking for opportunity, and how many OPPORTUNITY have you grap. The best opportunity that can’t FAIL you is Jesus, because IF you committe yourself to Him, that will be the best DECISION you have ever MADE.
  6. ONE THING that makes someone GREAT in life is influence. If your WORDS are worth LISTEN to, your LIFE gives an AROMA that impact others to BE as great as YOU.
  7. ONE THING people will  never forget to say is that, don’t you REMEMBER me, it’s a long time. But JESUS remembers you everyday, whether it’s a LONG time or short time, He cares for YOU.
  8. EVERY SUCCESS depends on focus, when you do what YOU love best. God will do the REST.
  9. WHEN PEOPLE asked you the SECRET of your success, just give them a simple answer, Jesus LOVES me and i love JESUS.        
  10.   WE LEARN how to pray when WE are in trouble, but God WANT US to pray always when WE are in good health and enjoying SUCCESS.  
  11. THE MOST powerful and influencial PERSONALITY in the world is knowledge, because without Him man is NOTHING.     
  12.  LIFE IS a promise of faith, when YOU PROMSE yourself of success, you believe because faith answers SUCCESS.            
  13. TODAY, if you believe WHAT your heart tells you, then YOU will get what you hoped FOR.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  14. DREAMS are real and what is your DREAM.  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  15. AND THE name of love is peace, so if YOU THINK of loving someone, think of given Him/Her PEACE FIRST.                 Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  16. ALWAYS remember that whatever YOU do, someone is watching, so do your BEST.         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  17. THERE IS no man, who has SEEN GREATNESS without education, consider of it, take advice,and speak your MINDS.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  18. KNOWLEDGE IS the benefit of great achievement, don’t ignore it, but let Him be your MASTER.                                Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  19. THE SECRET of a great leader is HIS foresight, because the EVIDENT of his achievement puts Him at the TOP.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  20. SUCCESS IS meaningless to the ONE who doesn’t have a dream, so MAKE success your dream TODAY.                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  21. GREAT LEADERS don’t start with BIG ideas, but small IDEAS make them GREAT.                 Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  22. THE ONLY gift that you need to succeed in LIFE is knowledge, through the power of EDUCATION.                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  23. YOU DON’T have control over those YOU loved, but you have CONTROL to choose the one you loved BEST.                                Samuel NutsugahAheto.
  24. I  ALWAYS believe in myself, that is why i THINK, Plan and DECIDE.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  25.  YOUR DREAM is greater than your failure, so get MOTIVATED by your DREAM.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  26. LIFE IS an investment, but you need to GROW your faith, before your business can GROW.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  27. ONE BAD friend can killed your dream faster, than hundred GOOD friends, because He always want your down FALL.                         Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  28. YOU CAN never be remembered for youe dream, but YOU can be remembered for your ACHIEVEMENT.                                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  29. POVERTY is not your friend, but rather your enemy, so DEAL with him NOW.                       Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  30. POVERTY CAN never make you poor, unless YOU fail to achieve nothing for YOURSELF.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  31. DON’T PRAISE a man when he is rich, but criticise Him when He has been given power, because you can’t control HIM.                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  32. DON’T BE a fool to ask SO will i also Die one day, of cause you will die,s as a punishment of SIN.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  33. SUCCESS IS one and failure is two. Success means DOING what is best for your dreams, while failure means PLEASING everybody and forgetting what YOU plan to ACHIEVE.                              Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  34. SUCCESS IS not know, when you haven’t achieve nothing, but FAILURE is know when YOU think, everything is not POSSIBLE.                         Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  35. THE BEST man or woman is not someone with the HIGHEST qualification or position, but whatever YOU do best, makes you the BEST.                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  36. WE RESPOND to the call that we recieved, whether good or bad, but WE DON’T respond to the call that GOD want us to BE. WHY?                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  37. POVERTY IS  a punishment to our souls, but SUCCESS is a reward to our faith and KNOWLEGDE.                                 Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  38. A MAN’S vision is His ideas of success, do HE may die, his success Speak ALOUD.                                                                               Samuel Nutsuhag Aheto.
  39. Don’t forget there is poverty in an empty pocket, so remember to fill it with money.
  40. The magic code for success is BELIEVE. IF only you believe in whatever you DO,  no matter what, success will locate you wherever you ARE.
  41. LIFE IS not about titles, not ABOUT positions, not ABOUT degrees. But LIFE is about building RELATIONSHIPS and Be YOURSELF… 
  42. WHEN YOU abandoned the highways because of accident, but USING the ACCESS ROADS which are full of POT HOLES will damage your CAR beyond REPAIRS. SHORT cuts are DANGEROUS.      🇭
  43. WHAT DO you desire necessary, a HABIT or THOUGHT or BEHAVIOR…      
  44. IF YOU take Bad HABIT as your friend, you END up becoming an am Robber. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING…
  45. AS A matter of fact, don’t let ANYONE look down UPON you, because YOU carry the seed of GREATNESS in you. So never never never never and never GIVE UP… 
  46. YOU CAN flee or escape all MANNER of troubles and temptations In life. But remember ONE thing, you CAN NOT escape your own GRAVE…
  47. A POOR mind will help YOU to do things without thinking, because HE OFTEN got Angry when He sees people Prospering. Get WISDOM and you will BE discipline in THINKING…
  48. YOUR MIND can make you Poor, if You don’t know who You are. By knowing who YOU are will IGNITE your MIND to achieve SUCCESS…
  49. YOU DON’T owed poverty any apology, so STOP BEING afraid of your future. YOU shall be GREAT by your own WORDS…
  50. POVERTY IS not AN inheritance, so don’t be SPETIC about it. You are born to BE great, so walk in Power, walk in Favor and LEAVE a life of SUCCESS…

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