Wisdom Hour 1

  1. THE CHALLENGES in life is the DESTINY of our death, when you face it with Courage, you SMILE at those YOU LOVE.
  2. LIFE’S REWARD is our strength, but death reward our Love, because our END is the glory of THE LORD.
  3. AS FAR as life is danger, death will forever leave with us, but THANKS be to God, for our SOULS rest with HILM.
  4. LIFE IS not a problem, but rather a Challenge to deal WITH IT
  5. LIFE IS a value and the VALUE of life is ATTITUDE.
  6. ANYONE WHO prevent people’s right, answers JUSTICE with VIOLENCE.
  7. DON’T JUST think about success, but be committed to YOUR Ideas and your SUCCESS will GROW.
  8. FOR AS much as YOU love yourself, you are a JEWEL of inestimable VALUE that no one can Compare to YOU.
  9. LOVE VALUE our heart, but not our Beauty or just WORDS.
  10. GOOD LIFE is the understanding of paying the PRICE of loving SOMEONE from your heart, but not something that YOU need from HIM/HER.
  11. LOVE CAN’T hide the face of Joy, so never hide the SMILE of your TEETH.
  12. IF YOU try love and LOVE fails you, try FORGIVENESS because that is the Secret of LOVE.
  13. THE MORE you loveme, the more YOU see my weakness, and the MORE i also LOVE you, the more i ALSO see your weakness. Let US embrace love, because LOVE is all that WE NEED.
  14. NEVER LET anyone know how weak you are, or else YOU can’t masterwhat YOU DO.
  15. IF YOU think you are GOOD at your job, others can be better than YOU.
  16. IF SOMEONE tells you, he LOVES you, learn to love yourself BETTER.
  17. LOVE answers direct questions, but not WHAT you know BEST.
  18. AS YOU keep loving yourself, you will realized that YOUR STYLE of Beauty, of Speaking, of Behaviour becomes Unique. So TAKE pride in YOURSELF.
  19. WHEN i smile it brings Happiness, when you SMILE you encourage someone, but when ALL of us Smile, it brings PEACE to the WORLD.
  20. I GO to places and i SEE faces, but none of them make me feel happy, because YOUR FACE always attract my attention and ALL that am Missing is YOU.
  21. THE MATCHLESS name of beauty is Love, so if YOU need a gift to BUY for your Lover, purchase love, because that is EXPENSIVE.
  22. LOVE IS not negotiable, so don’t BEG for love, but be Inspired to LOVE.
  23. THE LIFE of a man is the Love of God, so when You have faith, you demonstrate the beauty of CREATIONS.
  24.  GOD PROSPER those who obey HIS word, and they find REST in Him, when ever they need COMFORT.
  25. ONE THING i know for sure, the HEART that finds PEACE is a GIFT.
  26. WHEN i cry, i cry because am FAR from God, not because HE doesn’t care FOR ME.
  27. THE MERIT of love is the grace of God, so when YOU have love, you find GRACE.
  28. BEAUTIFUL IS the name of Love, that make US a family of One, not a TRIBE of PEOPLE.
  29. IF YOU keep your DREAM  for yourself, you will loseit, but if YOU share it with others, you find SUCCESS.
  30. THE VERY moment you believe YOU CAN do something, you have already achieve that without STARTING IT.
  31. EVERY DREAM comes with strenght, and the evidence of your DREAM is to  challenge what you dream FOR.
  32. WHEN YOU satisfieth your MOUTH with good words, you reward your mind with success EVERYDAY.
  33. LIFE IS an assignment given to everyone, for YOU to fulfill yours, you NEED two things, faith and POSITIVE THINKING.
  34. THE GREATEST gift you need in YOUR life is Joy, because that will seperate you from OTHERS.
  35. LOVE GOES where love is found, and LOVE rejoice with lover, so be a friend of LOVE.
  36. IN THE eyes of promise, lies disapointment of  love, but for YOU to enjoy good relationship, learn to LOVE WITH understanding, but not PROMISE.
  37. NOTHING WILL change my love for you, because you let ME KNOW that you love me DEARLY.
  38. LOVE IS a sign of proof, because the moment you MEET your lover, love teaches YOU what to SAY.
  39. IT’S TRUE, when you believe in yourself, you understand SUCCESS with committment that ENTICE wealth to YOU.
  40. FROM HENCE forth, let no one Decide or Plan for you, for you HAVE the wisdom that INSPIRED you to decide or plan for YOURSELF.
  41. A MAN who prove HIS own works, shall rejoice in himself and not in OTHERS..  
  42. DEATH is not something to be afraid of, because knowing JESUS means that you have a place to GO when life is OVER.
  43. GOD’S DUTY is to keep His promise for  your life, and your DUTY is to keep your FAITH in GOD.
  44. A MAN of wisdom  is a Son of success, but a MAN of ignorance is a SLAVE of POVERTY.
  45. LIFE IS a precious gift, if only YOU believe everything is possible, you will experience the JOY of smile EVERYDAY.
  46. THE MOMENT you forget about your past, new opportunities GIVES YOU time to make CHOICES and take chances and to DISCOVER whatever secret you never thought of IT.
  47. WHEN YOU need me, you must LOVE me and when i also NEED you, i must love you as well, because that COUNTS.
  48. LIFE IS significant of two, knowledge and education. There is no such which is greater that this TWO.
  49. EDUCATION IS an opportunity that gives YOU the skills to experience the OPPORTUNITY that you are been educated FOR.
  50.  EDUCATION IS a reward, that helps you to PRACTICE self discipline to take responsibility for YOURSELF.

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