Wisdom Hour 5

  1. MONEY in the pocket means that, your MONEY needs to work in order to gain MORE.                   Samuel Nutusgah Aheto.
  2. I NOW know that the world belongs to God, but not to us, we are just Slaves. Thanks to God, mercy has found US.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  3. PROBLEMS never stop coming to us, but it is our FAITH that give us Hope to succeed in LIFE.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  4. FEAR destroy us when we DON’T have the courage to do SOMETHING.                                 Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  5. FEAR make us confuse WHEN we can’t decide what to do or what WE want to become in LIFE.                                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  6. I HAVE the boldness in me to decide what to do, because God has given ME the courage to be GREAT.                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  7. IN spite of FEAR you can become great, no matter what the challenge may be, God is with you ALWAYS.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  8. I WAS disappointed when all HOPE was lost, but when i realise that the God that i walk with is GREATER than anything, i begin to do great THINGS by faith and BOLDNESS.                                                                                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  9. AM not afraid of my problems, situations or challenges, because God is with Me always to DEATH.                                          Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  10. ONE THING that blows my Mind is that, God has no EXCUSE to bless us, but we always had an EXCUSE to serve HIM. WHY?                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  11. BUY courage, but don’t but FEAR.            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  12. YOU ARE the voice of your success, what you beleive is what will happen, so have Faith in YOURSELF.                                     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  13. YOU are who you are because of ONE thing, your Words, integrity is what you SAY and do. So keep yur WORDS.               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  14. WHEN there is no word, there is NO success, so let your WORD create your success TODAY.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  15. YOU don’t know success, unless you begun to START doing something with your PURPOSE.                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  16.  KEEPING your mind SAVE fom poverty, helps you to entertain SUCCESS.                                                                                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  17. SUCCESS start from the Heart, but not the MIND.             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  18. LIFE is not the attitude of BEAUTY or speaking parables, but RATHER, life is the begining of wisdom and CHARACTER.      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  19. SUCCESS is not a  contract that you will try, but preparing your mind for success, gives YOU the empowerment to achieve WEALTH.                        Samuel Nutusgah Aheto.
  20. SUCCESS is not the amount of MONEY you have, but it’s the problems you KEEP solving that determines your SUCCESS.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  21. LIFE is about family, but not success, fashion or PASSION.          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.               
  22. PEOPLE who consider the defeat of their past, always ENGAGE their heart with FEAR and poverty enrich their MIND.                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  23. A LION has no respect for a Sick animals, but rather PUSHES them to double their STEPS.                                                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  24.   PEOPLE who know their WORDS and their location, position themselves to be a potential LEADERS.                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  25. A LIFE of a good man reflect from His body and THOUGHT.          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  26. FAITH is the mark of blessing, mercies, the transforming MIND of success, the ABILITY of greatness and the welfare of the BELIEVER.              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  27. HOPE can never be measured, when you have FAITH to achieve anything in LIFE.                                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  28. MAN has no power when HE fear to change without Confiding in HIMSELF.                                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  29. SUCCESS is a covenant that relate to your HEART and give you Wisdom to create WEALTH.                                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  30. NOTHING gives happiness than to sing to your SOUL.     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  31. LOVE is not an opportunity of gift, but it’s a FAITH that dwells in the HEART.                                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  32. FAITH is a reward that gaurantee your FUTURE with the hope of your EYES.                                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  33. THE joy of your success, is not gold or silver, but DOING GOOD unto others, brings you the JOY.                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  34. ANYONE who planned and keep HIS covenant by given God His best, will never lack NOTHING.                                 Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  35. LIFE is not a line of imagination, but it gives US the previllage to BATTLE our fear of IGNORANCE.                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  36. NEVER change your faith for wealth, but HOLD your faith as a Solider, and your ACCOUNT will be rewarded by your action of INTEGRITY.      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  37. LIFE is a two seperate ways, that HELPS the Poor and the Rich, but the difference WHICH it makes, being control by only One action, which is FAITH.          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  38. FAMOUS men don’t work hard to be rewarded, but they GIVE their services to HUMANITY.                                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  39. LOVE has no power, when there is NO communication in MOTION.                                                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  40. LOVE can never be measured by our thinking, but LOVE IS measured by the Peace in our HEART.                                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  41. LOVE doesn’t grow the faith of beauty, but it GROWS the faith of care and GIVING.                                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  42. LOVE served as NURSE that care for our everyday NEEDS.                                                                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  43. LOVE silence the Tonque of a violence man, and RESTORE joy to the MAN who mute His TONQUE.                                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  44. AGE can never measure the value of Wisdom, because WISDOM guide our way of THINKING.                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  45. AGE guide us to experiene our thinking, but WISDOM teaches us to believe in OURSELVES.                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  46. LOVE doesn’t speak the beauty of your body, but when YOU REASON with your heart, your LOVE  reflect in your BODY.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  47. LOVE exist before promising, so don’t promise SOMEONE with love, but LOVE Him/Her according to your PROMISE.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  48. LOVE is not a command, but it’s a POWER that comes from the HEART.                                                                                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  49. THE best gift you can get in life, is to IDENTIFIED whom you LOVE.                                                                                                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.            
  50. FAITH builds the gift of time, but LOVE hold the mistakes of our past, and ENCOURAGE us to better our FUTURE.                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.

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