Tracking Radio Airplays Finally comes to Africa

For ages it’s been a serious problem for Musicians, Managers, Producers, Composers and Rights Owners to figure out how much they’ve made, how well their songs have been played on traditional radio stations in any country accross the African Sub Region. It is for this reason Team mcBLOG decided to initiate aa search for a tech that exist to tracking Radio Airplays.

Happily enough, our search proved worthy and we finally discovered this app called Songboost. The primary function of this APP is to track radio Airplays across eight countries in Africa. The end results is solid analytical data for all interested parties who wants to use this data as a way to upscale their promotions. Read below to find out more about the APP Songboost which is currently availble for download on the Google Playstore and tyhe IOS APPSTORE.

About SongBoost

SongBoost is an airplay tracking app for Africa available on Android and iOS.

The SongBoost app helps musicians, managers, and labels track their music on over 100 radio stations in 8 countries in Africa. The countries include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Musicians invest a lot in ensuring that their music gets on to radio station playlists. They however struggle to get accurate information on how often their music is played on each radio station. The struggle becomes bigger if they are interested in keeping track of multiple countries. The SongBoost app solves this problem.

Pricing : Independent Musicians

Pay $10 per song per month or $30 per song per year and get data from 100+ radio stations in 8 countries in Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, and South Africa. Pay conveniently within the app by Mobile Money in your local currency.

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