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Patrick Nyarko, Popularly known in the Entertainment and Media Industry as The Patrick is a Movie, TV and Music Video Producer from Ghana, In 2013 he had the opportunity to work with S&S media and assisted the late Michael Monka in directing Health check on Metro TV, and On The Ball which shown at GTV.
During this time, he had interest in Video Editing and practically enrolled with B and A Production, to further his knowledge in this field. After, he attended Princity Film Academy to learn Acting and also got in depth knowledge in Photography with Benito Multimedia, Now Eebiz media.

Before this, he had already enrolled himself as a student Director with Ghallywood Academy of Film to learn Professional Directing for Film, Video and Television. This was in the year 2012. Not long, The Patrick became a well known name on the campus of Ghallywood for his exceptional abilities as a Director and a Cinematographer. He won the Admiration of the CEO of Ghallywood Film Academy, Emmanuel Akuffo.

By the end of his course, The Patrick was awarded best director of the 5th batch in Ghallywood by winning most of the stage performances with his team .

The Patrick has been involved in several projects. Some of which includes: The secret machete, Just another day and more.

Just another day was shown on GhOne every Saturday,

2014 was a year The Patrick’s short videos became a social media sensation. His comic skits with Osika 1 was number 1 on trending on several platforms. Notably amongst his skits was Independence Day, April Fool

After Leaving Ghallywood, The Patrick was for 3 years contracted by Wood Films to Script, Direct and produce TV Series and produce Music Videos. This helped strengthen his skills and expand his network industry friends and more. During this time, he worked with Talents, Actors, Actresses and Artistes like

Sarkodie, Chris Waddle, AMG Medikal, Strongman, Yaa pono, Flow King Stone, Berima Sydney, Galaxy, Dee Money, Cabum, Christable Ike, Umar Krupp, Osika 1, and others.

The Patrick is one of the most Unique Creative Director Ghana can boast of. One of his most unique styles currently being praised by Ghanaians is his ability to create a two character Television Series, which he Co-produced while working at Wood Films during his three year contract. This series is currently airing on Light Television.

The Patrick loves to work with Talents, The Raw once. Because he believes he does have a unique style he can inject into up and coming actors and actresses. So in 2017, his passion for the creative industry lead him to establish ACTING DIVISION, An Acting coach hub for the discovery of fresh talents for Ghana’s Creative Industry, especially acting. In that same year, he also established All Access Media. All Access Media, is an organisation that involves crew members. Simply put, an elite team of the finest crew members in Ghana, selected from various Organisations, production houses and media firms. For what All Access Believes, Ask the visionary man behind it and his words are simple. If it must be done, Of course it must be done well.

The Patrick, Acting Division and All Access Media, does have a partnership deal with MC MULTIMEDIA. The partnership deal is to help develop Original Creative content for all media platforms in Africa and possibly beyond. This is exemplary in the light that, it is this deal that gave rise to getting some original contents on MTN Video+ a Pay Per View content platform managed by Huawei Technologies SA Limited and Mobile Telecommunication Network Giant (MTN)

In 2018, This partnership with MC MULTIMEDIA, once again for the first time an invitation by Ajack, the Newly established Togoloese Production Organisation, to organize a three Day Master Class in Film, Content Creation and the use of Technology to enhance Filmmaking,

This project, has started yielding results. The next country to benefit from this Master Class will be announced soon.

“The Patrick” managed a lot of projects from various organizations in 2019.  Wood Films: writing numerous screenplays for music videos and producing Life Errors.

He continues to assist in shooting documentaries for Unlimited Vision Concept, which introduces him to numerous organizations like the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), CSLP, USAID, and Tropenbos Ghana, while enrolled at African University College of Communication (AUCC), which offers a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Digital communication.

The next partnership project, which has the potential to go far is CHIBUKU TV, a satirically injected show designed to feed the comedy space. This show is hosted by The Patrick and produced in partnership with MC MULTIMEDIA.

He is currently The CEO of Viewplus, a vision in progress project which shall eventually become not just Ghana’s most accessed streaming platform for Movies, Series, Comedy, Skits, but Africa’s biggest ecosystem for entertainment.

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