Facet 2.0

Facet is an AI-native image creation tool designed to give creative professionals more control over their workflows. It automates the most tedious parts of the creative process, enabling faster and more precise editing.

With Facet’s auto-masking feature, artists can quickly and accurately make adjustments to people, backgrounds, clothing, hair, objects, and more, with no lasso tool required.

The editor can also apply edits to multiple images simultaneously, streamline collaboration with real-time multiplayer functionality, and explore ready-made styles created by Facet’s artist community.

Plus, users can create their own custom styles and share them with their team or the Facet community. Unsplash+ x Facet is a collaboration between Facet and Unsplash where four Facet artists have created their own image collections with styles now available to the Facet community.


What is Facet 2.0?

Facet 2.0 is a AI-native image creation tool that allows for efficient creation and editing of images, designed to deliver creative professionals better control over their workflows.

How does the image creation and editing work in Facet?

Facet’s image creation and editing capabilities stem from its feature-rich toolkit. The system is designed for automating tedious aspects of the creative process, enabling quicker and more precise editing. With auto-masking capabilities, artists can easily and accurately adjust elements such as backgrounds, clothing, hair, objects and more. It does not require manual selection tools like a lasso, and can apply changes across multiple artworks simultaneously.

How can I get more control over my creative workflows with Facet?

Facet helps you gain more control over your creative workflows by automating repetitive tasks, enabling quick and accurate adjustments, and allowing edits across many images simultaneously. It provides a feature for auto-masking, which helps artists make adjustments to specific areas without needing to manually select them. Facet also offers real-time collaborative editing and lets users create, share, and explore custom styles, further improving creative control.

What is the auto-masking feature of Facet and how does it work?

Facet’s auto-masking feature is a powerful tool that allows artists to quickly and accurately make adjustments to specific parts of their images. This feature automatically identifies, isolates, and selects content for the user, removing the need for manual selection tools. This tool thinks in terms of content, not pixels, making it a smart tool for efficient editing.

How does Facet enable simultaneous editing of multiple images?

Facet allows for simultaneous editing of multiple images through its batch editing feature. This delivers the power to instantly apply edits and adjustments to all or a selected group of images within a project. When edits are made to one image, they can be instantaneously implemented across all images, providing a cohesive look and saving immense time.

What is the multiplayer functionality in Facet?

Facet’s multiplayer functionality enables real-time collaboration on creative projects. This web-based editor connects everyone on the team to the creative process, regardless of their location. This online feature streamlines the feedback and iteration process, making collaborative work much more convenient and efficient.

How can I create and share my own styles with the Facet community?

Users can create and share their own styles with the Facet community. After completing their edits on a project, users can save these changes as a custom style. These custom styles can then be seamlessly applied to new projects or shared with the community. This way, users inspire each other with their individual styles and collectively enhance the creative potential of the Facet platform.

What is Unsplash+ x Facet?

Unsplash+ x Facet is a collaboration between Facet and the stock image platform, Unsplash, where four Facet artists produced their own image collections. The styles used in these collections are now available to the Facet community to use and adapt in their own image editing processes.

What makes Facet an AI-native image creation tool?

Facet is termed as an AI-native image creation tool because it leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the creative process. Features like auto-masking, batch editing, and real-time collaboration are powered by AI, aiding in quick and precise editing. The AI engine allows Facet to understand content rather than just pixels, making it an intelligent tool for creatives.

How can I use Facet to streamline collaboration on creative projects?

Facet streamlines collaboration by providing a real-time multiplayer functionality. This web-based editor allows all team members to edit, comment, and co-create simultaneously, irrespective of their location. The platform encourages continuous feedback and iteration, making the collaboration process more fluid and efficient.

How can Facet help automate and fast-track the creative process?

Facet helps automate and fast-track the creative process in several ways. By automating repetitive tasks such as masking and batch editing, Facet reduces the time taken to finish creative projects. Furthermore, it instantly applies edits across different images, saving time and ensuring consistency. Custom styles can be created and reused, offering a quick starting point for new projects. Multiple users can collaborate in real time, which accelerates the workflow.

How can I contribute to the ready-made styles available on Facet?

Contributions to the ready-made styles available on Facet can come from each user’s unique edits. Once a user completes a project and has a set of edits that they like, they can create a custom style and share it with the Facet community. This becomes part of the ready-made styles that others can explore and use.

What are the different features available in Facet?

Facet offers several features including auto-masking, batch editing, multiplayer functionality for real-time collaboration, and customizable artboards. Users can explore ready-made styles created by the Facet artist community, create their own custom styles, and share them with the community. Facet also provides an option for built-in contextual search to provide intuitive and suggested edits.

How does the context-aware batch editing in Facet work?

Facet’s context-aware batch editing allows users to upload and edit unlimited images, simplifying the creation process on a large scale. Users can instantly apply edits and adjustments to all or a selected group of images in their project. Edits to one image can thus be propagated to all, enabling cohesive outcomes.

What is Facet’s built-in contextual search?

Facet’s built-in contextual search is a smart feature that provides intuitive and suggested edits. Need to increase the exposure on just the foreground of your images? Simply initiate a search and Facet will find and execute the correct adjustments, streamlining the editing process.

How can I join the Facet community?

You can join the Facet community by signing up on their website. Being a part of the community lets you access and remix Facet sessions from creative professionals globally, explore and refine your creative process in line with the community, and gives you access to thousands of community styles and reusable layers.

How can I share a style with others on Facet?

To share a style within the Facet community, you can create a reusable custom style from your saved edits and share it through a private link. Alternatively, you can publish them to the Facet community on the platform’s ‘space’ and the in-app ‘Explore tab’ for others to use and get inspired from.

How can Facet’s AI-powered features improve my image editing workflow?

Facet’s AI-powered features can significantly enhance your image editing workflow. Facet automates repetitive steps, lets you make precise adjustments and edits several images simultaneously. The auto-masking feature identifies and selects content for the user, removing the need for tedious manual selection. The AI also makes intuitive suggestions for results via a built-in search feature, and offers real-time collaboration tools to streamline teamwork.

What are some examples of collections created by Facet artists?

There are several collections created by Facet artists, highlighted in the Unsplash+ x Facet collaboration. Four Facet artists created their own unique image collections, ranging across various themes and styles. Each of these collections offers a distinct visual language and style attributes, now available for use by the Facet community.

What is Facet Labs and how can I become a part of it?

Facet Labs is an initiative by the Facet team to experiment with emerging technologies. It is a space where interested users can be a part of Facet’s experimental projects. To take part, users can sign up for Facet Labs’ early access through their website, joining the waiting list to participate in their next-generation products and features.

Generates unique images

High-quality output

Creates transparent background images

Unlimited image variety

Delivers results quickly

Saves time in design

Single library for transparent images

Generates logos, icons, illustrations

Ideal for eCommerce photos

Can create studio-grade images

Can produce novel designs

Speeds up workflow

PNG image format

Accessible library of images

User-friendly tool

Simplifies design process

No need for external resources

Creates images from descriptions

New design with same description

Overcomes designer’s block

All-inclusive place for transparent PNGs

Lacks API integration

No offline usage

Limited to PNG format

Output depends on user description

No pre-built templates

No multi-user support

No integration with design tools

No 3D model support

After team Digi Refera carefully went through this Ai and tested all of it’s features, we can confidently attest to a solid platform full of wonders. We therefore advise users to take a look at this Ai platform and come back here to offer us suggestions as to what they also think of the platform.

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