Photo AI

Photo AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that allows users to generate photorealistic images of themselves or models with different outfits, lighting, and settings.

It is the first AI photographer that can automatically create images in any setting, anywhere in the world. Using Photo AI, users can create a photo shoot with a variety of shots, aesthetics, and outfits.

They can also copycat a photo they have uploaded by selecting the desired photo strength, number of photos to take, and orientation. Additionally, users can train their own model by uploading 25-250 photos of their subject, as varied as possible.The AI technology of Photo AI will then generate photorealistic images, with a variety of settings, such as beach, ocean, street, mall, gym, night club, house party, bar, coffee place, library, university, dog cafe, cat cafe, modern architecture home, living room, garden, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, attic, meeting room, coworking space, restaurant, hotel lobby, airport, museum, restaurant, lunch place, forest, desert, ski resort, golf course, lake, snow, pool, taxi, jungle, waterfall, red carpet, gala event, private jet, halloween party, christmas, thanksgiving, wedding, birthday party, and many more.The lighting of the images can also be adjusted with sun light, camera flash, golden hour, indoor lights, street lights, colorful smoke, neon lights, party lights, night club lights, string lights, natural light, black light, studio light, spot light, scatter light, diffuse light, and TL light.Users can also choose the desired emotion, age, and action to be portrayed in the image.

The AI tool will then generate photorealistic images that can be viewed, remixed, and downloaded.


What is Photo AI?

Photo AI is a ground-breaking artificial intelligence tool that allows users to generate photorealistic images of themselves or models in various outfits, lighting and settings. It’s the pioneering AI photographer with the ability to automatically produce images in any location in the world.

What can Photo AI do?

Photo AI is designed to generate photorealistic images with custom settings. Users can create a photo shoot with various shots, outfits and aesthetics. Individuals can mimic photos they’ve uploaded and select the desired photo strength. Further, there’s an option for users to train their own model by uploading a host of photos of their subject, which can be as diverse as possible.

How does Photo AI create photorealistic images?

Photo AI creates photorealistic images using its sophisticated AI technology. Once a user sets their desired shot, outfits, aesthetics, and even mimics an uploaded photo, the AI processes these inputs and generates photorealistic images in the preferred settings, lighting, and other specified conditions.

How can I use Photo AI to mimic a photo I’ve uploaded?

You’re able to mimic a photo you’ve uploaded on Photo AI through the ‘Copycat a photo’ tool. All you have to do is upload the photo you wish to copy, then you can control the photo strength ranging from strong (more photo) to featherlight (mostly model). Moreover, you can specify the number of photos you’d like to take.

How does the training feature work in Photo AI?

The training feature in Photo AI allows you to train your own model by uploading a range of 25 to 250 photos of your desired subject. The images should be as varied as possible to ensure the model can learn different appearance aspects and situations. Once you upload the photos and set the parameters, the AI takes on the task of training the model.

What settings and themes are available in Photo AI?

Photo AI provides a host of settings and themes for users, ranging from different room types like dining rooms and living rooms to bars, cafes, and universities. There are also outdoor options such as beach, ocean, street, malls, gyms and more. Special event types like weddings, birthdays and holiday-specific events like Christmas and Halloween are also included in the list of available themes.

What kind of lighting options does Photo AI offer?

Photo AI offers a multitude of lighting options. These include sunlight, camera flash, golden hour, indoor lights, street lights, colourful smoke, neon lights, party lights, night club lights, string lights, natural light, black light, studio light, spot light, scatter light, diffuse light, and TL light.

How can I adjust the emotion, age, and action displayed in the images generated by Photo AI?

Users can adjust the emotion, age, and action displayed in the generated images simply by setting their preference in the relevant emotion, age, action categories provided before the image creation process begins. Emotion options range from happy, angry, sad, scared, serious to surprised, while age can be set anywhere between 20 to 85 years. Actions can be cooking, dancing, laughing, singing, studying among many others.

How do I download the images created by Photo AI?

You can download the images created by Photo AI from the ‘SAVED’ section on the platform. All generated images come with a ‘Download’ button enabling you to download and save the images onto your device with ease.

What makes Photo AI the first AI photographer?

As the first AI photographer, Photo AI has set a new precedent by providing a user-friendly platform for users to generate photorealistic images in any setting. This functionality, backed by the sophisticated AI technology, allows users to create, mimic, and train their own models, making it a pioneer in the realm of AI image generation.

What is the ‘remix’ feature in Photo AI?

‘Remix’ in Photo AI is a feature that allows users to edit or adjust the existing generated images, allowing for additional flexibility and customization after the initial image generation.

How many photos can I take with Photo AI?

Users can take from 1 to 16 photos at a time with Photo AI, depending on their needs and preference.

Can I choose what my model wears in Photo AI?

Yes, you can choose what your model wears in Photo AI. You have a wide array of options ranging from casual wear like sweatpants and t-shirts to more formal attire like suits and gala dresses, among many others.

How varied can my settings be when using Photo AI?

The available settings on Photo AI are quite varied, allowing users to set up a photoshoot in an array of locations and situations ranging from indoor spaces like kitchens and meeting rooms, to outdoors settings like beaches or streets, and even specific places like universities, dog cafes and bookstores.

Can Photo AI generate photos for specific events like weddings or Christmas?

Yes, Photo AI can generate photos for specific events such as weddings, birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions. It allows for customization of the setting, outfit, and lighting to match the event’s theme.

Does Photo AI have location settings?

Yes, Photo AI does have location settings. You can create images in a multitude of locations such as London, Tokyo, Santorini, New York City, Dubai, and many other cities around the world. Even specific landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza or the Taj Mahal can be chosen as settings.

What are the guidelines for training my own model on Photo AI?

The guidelines to train your own model on Photo AI require you to upload 25 to 250 photos of the person. The images should be varied, ideally with a 50% split between close-ups and wide shots. It’s recommended to not include black and white photos, other people in the images or photos where the subject is wearing sunglasses.

Can Photo AI generate images with specific orientations?

Photo AI allows users to generate images with specific orientations. Users can choose among portrait, landscape, or square orientations for their generated images.

Can Photo AI generate images depicting different times of the day?

Yes, Photo AI can generate images depicting different times of the day. Users can customize images to depict sunrise, daytime, sunset or night conditions.

What is the upgrade to Pro in Photo AI?

The ‘upgrade to Pro’ feature in Photo AI isn’t explained explicitly on the website. However, typically this kind of upgrade allows for increased capabilities, resources or access to premium features within the AI platform.

Generates photorealistic images

Customizable settings

Can copycat uploaded photos

Train own models

Multiple environment options

Adjustable lighting

Multiple light sources

Choose desired emotion

Age choice for model

Portray action in image

Remix and download option

Close-up, medium, wide shots

Multiple aesthetics choices

Different possible outfits

Wide range of places

Emulation of popular locales

Different time settings

Multiple actions for models

Square, portrait, landscape orientation

Multiple emotion options

Different age settings

Choice of photo quantity

Quick photo generation

Image saving feature

User-friendly interface

Model training feature

Large variety of ethnicities

Model naming option

Saved and trash sections

Straightforward navigation

Clean and concise layout

Short load times

Limited single model training

Lengthy model training time

Lacks batch processing feature

Doesn’t support sunglasses for training

No other people allowed in training

Limited age range

No grayscale images for training

No real-time preview

No support for collaboration

Limited orientation options

After team Digi Refera carefully went through this Ai and tested all of it’s features, we can confidently attest to a solid platform full of wonders. We therefore advise users to take a look at this Ai platform and come back here to offer us suggestions as to what they also think of the platform.

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