SinkIn is a platform that hosts custom stable diffusion models and provides state-of-art infrastructure to support model creators. It allows users to sign in with Google, email, or log out. It also provides credits for users to purchase models, and part of the pay goes to model creators to support their work. Currently, SinkIn is hosting six models, namely DreamShaper 3.3, Deliberate, AniReal, MAGIFACTORY t-shirt diffusion, Realistic Vision V1.2, and Suzumehachi, with a total of 2645, 435, 138, 123, 77, and 46 runs respectively. The platform allows users to view and purchase the models, and provides model creators with a platform to monetize their work.



What is SinkIn?

SinkIn is a platform specifically designed for hosting and monetizing stable diffusion models. It provides an infrastructural framework driven by cutting-edge technology that allows model creators to monetize their work. The platform hosts multiple custom-built models, accessed and employed by users. How can I sign into SinkIn? You can sign into SinkIn using either your Google account or your email.

Can I log out of SinkIn?

Yes, there’s an option on SinkIn that allows you to log out of your account when you wish. What are the credits in SinkIn used for? In the SinkIn ecosystem, credits are used as a means to purchase the models available on the platform.

How much do SinkIn’s credits cost?

$5 earns you 500 credits while spending $10 gives you 1100 credits in SinkIn.

Who benefits from the purchase of SinkIn’s credits?

The system is designed so that when you purchase credits on SinkIn, a portion of your payment directly supports the model creators.

How many models does SinkIn currently host?

As of now, SinkIn provides hosting to six distinct models.

What are the names of the models hosted on SinkIn?

The models currently hosted on SinkIn are DreamShaper 3.3, Deliberate, AniReal, MAGIFACTORY t-shirt diffusion, Realistic Vision V1.2, and Suzumehachi.

How can I purchase a model on SinkIn?

Models on SinkIn can be purchased using the credits that you have in your account.

How do model creators profit from SinkIn?

Model creators profit by monetizing their models on SinkIn. A portion of the revenue from the purchased credits goes directly to the creators of the respective models.

Can I view models on SinkIn before purchasing?

Yes, the platform allows users to view the details and specifics of a model before proceeding with a purchase.

What is the runs score of a model on SinkIn?

The runs score of a model on SinkIn refers to how many times the respective model has been put to use or ‘run’. It’s a measure of the model’s popularity and usage.

How can I support model creators on SinkIn?

Model creators on SinkIn can be directly supported by purchasing credits, as a part of your pay contributes to their earnings.

What are the terms of service of SinkIn?

The terms of service of SinkIn are mentioned explicitly during the sign-in process and must be accepted by the users to proceed. The exact details are not specified on their website.

How does SinkIn protect my privacy?

SinkIn assures the privacy of its users through its designated Privacy Policy. The particular details of its privacy protection measures are not specified on their website.

What is DreamShaper 3.3?

DreamShaper 3.3 is one of the custom stable diffusion models being hosted on SinkIn. Its specifics and features are not described on their website.

Can you tell me about the AniReal model on SinkIn?

AniReal is a diffusion model available on SinkIn. However, further information about its function or characteristics is not provided on their website.

What is the Suzumehachi model?

The Suzumehachi model is one of the six different models hosted by SinkIn. No specific details about this model have been mentioned on their website.

Can I monetize my work as a model creator on SinkIn?

Yes, SinkIn provides a dedicated platform for model creators to directly monetize their work, thereby creating a source of revenue for them.

Where can I find more community support for SinkIn?

Support and community interactions for SinkIn are facilitated through their Discord channel. The link to the dedicated Discord server is provided on the SinkIn site.


Hosts custom diffusion models

Infrastructure for model creators

Easy Google or email login

Provides credits for purchases

Part of payment supports creators

Supports model creators monetization

Multiple models hosted

Transparent model run stats

Seamless model viewing and purchasing


Limited model selection

Potential privacy concerns

Requires sign-in

Restricted to Google/email login

Diffusion models only

Limited to artefact hosting

Model runs not transparent

Pay-as-you-go credits

No free trial options

No model customization options

After team Digi Refera carefully went through SinkIn and tested all of it’s features, we can confidently attest to a solid platform full of wonders. We therefore advise users to take a look at this platform and come back here to offer us suggestions as to what they also think of the platform.

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