The internet today is so much bedevilled with a lot of money making opportunities. This begins with making money out of building , designing or developing websites, apps or even selling hosting to clients. Others include trading in forex or Crypto, taking online surveys, offerwalls, Q and A’s, Fauceting, investments, etc. No day passes without the launch of new projects that promises to make you rich overnight, in the short term or long term. Being a new user to these platforms can be very risky as you may not be able to tell which of these platforms are in to scam you of your hard earned cash or really in to add value to your current financial status.

Online Scam is real and will get worse every minute, When it hits you, you get out there thinking everybody you meet is the one who scammed you. This is because you dealing with faceless people when you venture that terrain. It’s just a never ending “sea” of new baits.

Out of the lot, we have gone through the mill in testing and selecting some of the projects on the internet we believe are worth spending your time on or investing your resources in.

Kindly check them up and send in your comments about your experience.

Disclaimer: In as much we endorse these projects listed here, we advice you to also take time to do due dilligence before using the platforms here. some platforms might be 100% legit at the time of getting listed here. But hey, this is the internet. Anything could happen. An example is coinpot which had run smoothly for several years only for us to realise that they had to shutdown on February 28th 2021.

Which either way, always come back here to read our latest comments or additions to these platforms so as to be guided.


1FaucetsFAUCET OF BOBThis platform owned by Bobcash is a highly legit platform★★★★