Uncle Ebo Whyte – James Ebo Whyte.

Uncle Ebo Whyte (born James Ebo Whyte; 20 July 1954) is a Ghanaian playwright, author and motivational speaker. He is the creative head and lead writer at Roverman productions and has written over 42 plays for stage. Ebo Whyte is also the author of the Rover Monthly Report, a inspirational magazine and has two novels; The Deal and The Perfect Couple written by him.


Ebo Whyte attended the Osu Presby Senior High School and the University of Ghana where he studied to become a Statistician. He later taught himself to sit for the Chartered accounts and marketing exam and worked as the head of marketing and finance in a bookselling company for a period of time before pursuing his passion as a playwright. Uncle Ebo married his wife Florence in 1983 and the couple have raised several children together despite not having children of their own.


Ebo Whyte started his career as an artistic director with a theatre group which performed in schools and churches in 1974. However, the biggest challenge for him was his transition to commercial theatre in the late 90s which led him to abandon his certificates to challenge himself.

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