Edinam Atatsi

Edinam Atatsi is a Veteran Ghanaian actress and Philanthropist. She has been Awesomely successful in acting for Stage and Movie Productions.

The least spoken about her artistic prowess the better, as all Ghanaians, Both young and old, home and abroad can attest to her talent when ever she picks up a role. She has that addicting capability of getting her viewers emotionally attached to her.

According to some section of Ghanaians our researchers spoke to, Edinam Atatsi always comes across as a modern day, actress from the past. It looks as if her talents supersedes the passage of time and therefore hardly could one tell that this talented actress is indeed a veteran.

Edinam is blessed to have portrayed characters from the past that have impacted history, and characters that are destined to impact not only the culture of ghana, but Africa as a whole.

She has, over the years dabbled in stage acting, using her voice to create new worlds. Her contribution to Stage and Screen acting has immensely impacted the development of Ghana’s Theatre and Movie industry over the years.

She is Undoubtedly, one of the actresses that helped reshape the Ghana Movie Industry, as well as a trendsetter.

Her first acting was with Abibigromma and she later moved on to star in various movies. Some of which includes: African Timber, The Destiny of Lesser Animals and Penicillin etc.

She is an award winning Ghanaian actress, featured in over 100 productions both local and international. SheI has over 25 years experience in the Arts; Stage, Television, Radio Film and Community Theatre.

According to her, she is very glad her hard work and contribution has paved the way for few actors and actresses to be courageous enough to venture into the creative industry.

The Storm Moviefrom Ghana, is one of the latest projects she has worked on.

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