My Confessions on How I met Express Crypto

To start from here, I will be real. When I got introduced to the world of Bitcoin and Crypto back in 2015 by my younger brother who had then started studying computer science in a polytechnic that had just been upgraded to a University, It took me two (2) years to really sit to research into what was mentioned to me as a whisper by Edward.

So in 2017, I googled the word bitcoin and crypto currency and was amazed at the ton of information available to me on the internet. The most vivid that caught my attention was the then market value or price of bitcoin. $3000 USD to one (1) Bitcoin. I was like Oh! My God!. If I could make just 1 Bitcoin, then I will be on my way to becoming a millionaire or better put a bitcoinaire. So for that night I pleaded with the Heavens to pardon me for deliberately deciding not to cut sleep and venture into finding out what is it about this currency that makes it value so high in a single digit as compared to the USD Dollar. $3000 USD to 1 Bitcoin, remember that was how I met Bitcoin. Now digging deeper, I began to realise all the information available had been pouring in online since 2012. What the heck have I been doing with my life all these years? I asked myself

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