Get a Free Virtual Phone Number for Business or Personal Use

Numerous services offer virtual phone numbers without charge. Nonetheless, many countries do not have access to most of these services, and what they have on their menus may not suit everybody’s needs. This article highlights some of the greatest providers where you can get a phone number for free and explains what you stand to gain from each alternative.
Key Takeaways: How to Get a Free Virtual Phone Number
If you reside in the U. S., Canada, or certain parts of Europe, Google Voice is an outstanding option since it provides simple-to-use software as well as seamless integration with Google Workspace; furthermore, besides these perks there are several others.
Apps such as TextNow give users a no-cost telephone line (with which they can place calls from or text to any number in Canada & the U. S.) whereas FreedomPop assigns gratis lines plus monthly data; both may be used outside WiFi connections.
Get a virtual business phone number — Business-oriented services, like CallHippo, come with more features, such as call switching, call recording and auto attendants.
If you’re wondering how to get a free virtual phone number, this guide will help you discover some of the best services. In this guide, we’ll recommend three different providers that come with unique offerings and provide you with a wide range of features.
There are several reasons to get a virtual phone number for business or personal use. Virtual phone numbers give you a number separate from your personal number for business phone calls, online dating, remote work and travel. They help individuals and businesses maintain a high level of professionalism and privacy in their daily operations.
Overview: How to Get a Free Virtual Phone Number
There are many different ways to get a free virtual phone number. Our top free VoIP suggestion is that you use Google Voice because it is very easy to use comes with Google Workspace integration and includes lots of features as well (for example being able to ring all your phones at once). But if that doesn’t work out for you there are other options too! Some apps let you make calls/texts over WiFi or mobile data without paying anything per minute/message †“ FreedomPop even gives away actual SIM cards so that people can get numbers in certain countries where this company has coverage without paying shipping fees either…
There are also business-oriented virtual phone number services that come with features companies will find useful, such as call recording, call switching and auto attendants. Keep reading for our top free VoIP services.
Get a Phone Number With Google Voice
Google Voice is the best option for getting a free number because it is easy to use and install. It also has a free option. Google Voice is available to anyone located in the U. S. or with a Google account created with an American IP Location. This applies to G-Suite accounts too but not for all countries.

Google Voice and SIP Link can be used in the following countries:
U. K.
U. S. (not including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands)
Rules about which countries you can use only SIP Link in
If customers are in a country where they cannot use first-party calling but can use SIP Link, they must buy a Google SIP Link Premier or Standard subscription to link their phone numbers from their telecommunications service provider (carrier) to Google Voice.
These are the countries where customers can only use SIP Link:
Getting started with Google Voice is easy. Just sign up for a Google/G-Suite account and follow the instructions. Once you’re set up on your mobile device(s), you’ll get a custom number for calls/texts. This number works across mobile devices and computers, and you can link it with any number — like your cell phone or landline.
Google Voice has many features that make it useful at work or at home—you can get voicemail transcripts, send and receive calls/texts from your computer or mobile device, create custom voicemail greetings for different callers so you know who’s calling before picking up.
The spam filter is automatically set to block known spam numbers, but you can also block individual numbers if needed. Calls to your Google Voice number can be forwarded to multiple devices so that you don’t miss any.
Google Voice works best for people who have a Google Workspace account (formerly G Suite). It’s similar to other services except that some calls go through existing phone lines and others go through data lines (VoIP). Businesses in the United States that switch to Google Voice can keep their existing phone numbers.

More Virtual Phone Number Apps That Don’t Use Google
These next services are good if you want a virtual number but don’t want it from Google or need something more than what’s on offer with Mountain View’s app.
TextNow gives you both calls and texts on a virtual line and is also a VoIP service. In the US and Canada, you can do both of these things for free, from anywhere as well. You only have to pay if you want to call someone who isn’t in either country – TextNow credits make those calls really cheap though (much cheaper than what your carrier would charge). On top of all that:

  • There are ads
  • You can remove them by paying $1. 99/month
  • Unused numbers get recycled
    Who is TextNow good for?
  • People who want to save money on phone service for personal or business use.
  • If you need several lines/features on one device(s), this app supports that setup.
  • Professionals who don’t plan to give out their work number — like real estate agents — but still need one for occasional calls/messages etc.
    If any of the above situations sound familiar then why not give TextNow lite a shot at least (it’s free).
    Plan: Price
    Free Free
    Ad-Free Lite $1. 99 per month
    Unlimited data $4. 99 per day
    $39. 99 per month
    With 2ndLine, a voice-over-internet app, you get features like custom voicemail messages, saving/sending attachments with messages and scheduling when texts are sent! But wait– there’s more! For just $15/month (or only $5 if paid annually), enjoy unlimited calling nationwide as well as being able to make overseas calls without using up minutes from your cellular plan; plus think about how much money those international rates will drop thanks to an awesome service called 2nd Line which provides low cost calling throughout most countries over WiFi or Data connection– it’s perfect if traveling outside USA/Canada often but still want people able reach them easily by phone without paying tons each time it happens—
    Who is 2ndLine for?
  • Anyone in the US or Canada who wants a second number on their smartphone or tablet.
  • People who need a business phone number that also works on multiple devices.
    The free version of this software shows ads. If you want them gone, you can buy premium features.
    Plan: Monthly Quarterly
    Best Sellers $4. 99 N/A
    International Numbers $9. 99 $17. 99
    Phone. com
    Phone. com offers vanity toll-free and local numbers and is intended to be used as your company’s main line (also known as “primary line”).
    These types of business phone services are different from the other ones mentioned above because they come with more advanced features such as call recording, automated attendants, call routing and switching, and contact center solutions.

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