Crypto is no longer being sucked into the abyss

The crypto market has been doing absolutely nothing the past few days (in contrast with the stock market which is going down like a Thai hooker)

Crypto is no longer being sucked into the abyss like it has been for the last month… and that's a very big deal.

We are about to breakout. But in which direction?

One of the things we know for sure is that when the funding rate turns negative the market has a bullish edge.

And the MORE it turns negative, the stronger the edge.

Here we have the largest negative funding rate in a LOOONG time.

Meaning that you can get paid approximately 60% per year just to hold long perpetual futures.

A good deal. Institutional traders go for good deals, generally.

So what looks like a coin flip… isn't 

Advantage bulls.

The best way to play this is to get the  Auto Grow Crypto– the press-button-make money system that you execute once a week.

How this works is that it constantly keeps you in the strongest coins, so you never end up as a bagholder.

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