GodFather of Ai Geoffrey Hinton quits Google amiss his regrets for creating it

The world awoke to a shocking exit from Google the man touted as ‘The Godfather of Ai’, Geoffrey Hinton. according to Mr. Hinton, the current trends and use of Ai tools like chatGPT poses an existential threat to the human race. In an interview on the BBC, he was concerned that soon these digital systems will have knowledge and intelligence that surpasses that of the human race.

Simply put, he says humans are biological systems whereas these Ai tools being released are digital systems networked together in a way that can make them easily share information at the speed of light. this make them possible to share and spread disinformation when they fall into the wrong hands.

Mr. Hinton was worried that companies like Microsoft and other startups who are hurriedly pushing all these Ai tools into the hands of the general public must act responsibly.

Google had been an early adopter of Artificial intelligence but never released them for public use, except for Google’s own internal use. This is because Google wanted to be sure of how Ai tools could be controlled, he added.


In Mr. Geoffrey Hinton’s speech, he did mention something that really stirs up the thoughts of not just team mcBLOG but then virtually every human living on earth. He talks about the fact that Microsoft decided to beat Google’s dominance in the search engine business by integrating chatGPT into Microsoft Bing. Then he includes the fact that, Google have no choice than to compete, so obviously he Mr. Hinton is alerting us to not complain if we see a new search experience from the Google network that has Google Bard integrated into it. Thereby serving the same purpose for which Bing was merged with Open Ai’s chatGPT.

Well, team mcBLOG believes Google, as an independent company can decide not to go the way Microsoft went if they think Ai tools like chatGPT, writesonic, Google Bard, Ernie, etc poses an existential threat to the human race. Unfortunately, because Google really needs to keep up with the competition as well as maintain their grip of over 90% revenue share in the search engine business, they have no choice as suggested by Mr. Geoffrey Hinton.

He also says a part of him regrets what he has built. Do not regret yet, Artificial Intelligence is just begining, we believe there are better days ahead.

Team mcBLOG therefore suggest that authorities can quickly step in and pass regulatory laws that can help curtail the damage that awaits the abuse of these Ai tools. His intentions at the time he got the inspiration, back in 2012 to dig deeper into Artificial Intelligence and it’s benefits was actually a good one. It’s upto the human race to decide if we will allow Ai tools to surpass our intelligence. The kill switch to putting a stop to this is still in the hands of the powers that be and no one should think that what Mr. hinton is suggesting cannot be reversed. When the worst happens, all we can do is to press the reset button.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz


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