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Hey guys,

First off, a quick question:

What's the number one thing we need online?

For websites, for links and for rankings?

I'll tell you:


The more content you have, the better you can rank, the more traffic you get.

As long as that content meets a certain standard.

That's where most article spinners (and even some writers) fall down.  They turn out trash.  Anyone can see it was automated.

And when Google sees that, that's it.  You're out.

But there’s a spinner that is different — because it comes with a TWIST.

A spinner that delivers content that you can put next to a $7 article and not be able to tell which is which.

And it can create 500 articles like that in just 45 seconds.

Watch it happen here:

I know you've seen spinners before.

But you haven't seen one like THIS.

Spin Rewriter is the go-to spinner of choice for half the internet marketing industry.  In fact, it's got over 181,000 users.  It's been around for years, constantly developed and updated.  It integrates with damn near every SEO tool available. This is the 13th year and is Spin Rewriter Version 13.

Why is it so popular?

Because it's the only one that comes with Emulated Natural Language.

When you go check out the sales page, you might notice that Aaron, the creator, has a bit of a funny accent.

That's because he's Slovenian.  He had to learn English as a second language.

And that's given him the kind of understanding of the mechanics that most native speakers don't have.  

We can speak English great, but when someone talks to us about noun cases and verb declensions, your eyes kind of gloss over.

But for Aaron, these things are parts of a machine.

And he was able to build this machine with his spinning algorithm.

This means Spin Rewriter knows when you mean 'book' as in 'novel' or book as in 'reserve', and it adds the right synonyms.  This means it can rewrite entire sentences.

It can even create whole new paragraphs.

Which is how it produces content that isn't just unique, it's human-quality.

Someone reads your spun article, they'll think a human wrote it.

But look, I get that sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true.

Really, to see just how good Spin Rewriter is, you need to try it out.

And during this launch, Spin Rewriter Version 13, you can.  For free.

Aaron's offering a 5-day free trial.  You won't pay anything — nada, zilch, squat — for 5 days.  After that, it's a heavily discounted annual rate. Plus you get 5 Free Bonuses just for trying it and keep them whether you stay on past the trial period or not. But hurry, trial offer ends 10/24/22 at Midnight PST

You don't think Spin Rewriter lives up to the promise?  Just cancel the account.

But I'm willing to bet you're going to be just as impressed as I am.

Get your free account here:


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