Wisdom Hour 2

  1. EDUCATION DOESN’T call the best, he BEST the CALLED.
  2. PEOPLE WHO make difference in life are not BEST qualified people, but those who have DECIDED to try what they want to DO.
  3. MIRACLE IS a sign of GOD’S grace, which comfirm your FAITH to believe in Him, that He is able to DO all THINGS.
  4. EVERY TIME i heard your VOICE i get close to YOU as angels born TOGETHER.
  5. LOVE HONOURS trust and trust honours Love, that is the Promise love KEEPS.
  6. IN LIFE, your calling is different from others, but what you should FIGHT for is what GOD has promised YOU.
  7. YOUR IDEAS of success had already been created by someone, but WHEN YOU improve on people’s idea, you make HISTORY.
  8. LIFE WORKS with three principles. The HEART that teaches wisdom, the MIND that teaches understanding and the FAITH that teaches BELIEVE.
  9. WHEN YOUR heart is open to ideas, you EDUCATE your mind to think and do great THINGS.
  10. WHEN YOU develop an idea, don’t question your mistakes, but learn from your REACTIONS.
  11. YOUR NUMBER one enemy in life is success, ask yourself why, because you get JEALOUS when you see people who are MORE successfulthan YOU.
  12. GOD BLESS those who allow GOD’S will to be done in their Life, rather than their own WILL.
  13. ONE THING i know for sure is that, if you ALLOW GOD to choose for you, you experience SUCCESS without MEASURE.
  14. A FOOLISH man sees challenges as problems, but when you give Him education, he answers problems with SOLUTION.
  15. THANK YOU for been there for me always, what a friend, you are JUST one in MILLION because am missing YOU.
  16. A PREPARED mind doesn’t ask how to do this, but rather try to DO what He wanted to DO.
  17. A TESTIMONY of a well doing man, is that HE has been educate WELL.
  18. IF GOD appriecate what YOU do, no body can stop YOU.
  19. I DON’T know what to say, but my SMILE tells you, what is in my MIND.
  20. SUCCESS IS defined by what YOU do and how you DO them, is determined by your DREAMS.
  21.  YOU DON’T need people’s approval to know who YOU are, but loving yourself tells YOU that you are the GREATEST in the WORLD.
  22. THE EVIDENCE of your love, show your quailities you DO possess, for you to enjoy GOOD life, learn to accept YOURSELF.
  23. A GOOD answer gives HOPE to the heart, but a FOOLISH answer encourage IGNORANCE.
  24. THE BEST way to make yourself happy is to CHANGE your mind, by making reading your habit DAILY.
  25.  LOVE IS not the benefit of fingers, but it’s the GIFT of appreciating who you ARE.
  26. AS YOU keep believing in God, God wants to show you what HE CAN do in you, for you, with you and through you BY FAITH.
  27. LOVE IS ugly, but out of that Ugly, you have learned FOUR things. Respect, Joy, Service and KINDNESS.
  28. YOUR ATTITUDE and actions in small things reward your faithfulness, so whatever your HAND finds to do, do it WELL.
  29.  MAKING YOURSELF happy means, three things. Please, Thanks and Sorry, that will make YOU unique fom OTHERS.
  30. YOU ALONE have captured my heart, can YOU paid the price for me ALONE.
  31. ONE THING is certain, you can surprise people in MANY ways, but one thing they NEVER request from you is I LOVE YOU.
  32. LOVE IS like a labor, very PAINFUL to eperience it, but the wonderful JOY is when you see the FACE of your BABY.
  33. PEOPLE CAN accuse you of using their names for your own BUSINESS purposes, but there is only ONE NAME you are entitle to it, that nobody can ACCUSE you of it. “JESUS”. HE said ask in my name and YOU will receive it in abundant JOY.
  34. WHAT YOU have is a gift, so if you need SOMETHING to passed on to someone, tell Him/Her they should believe in GOD.
  35.  THE BEST thing you need in the world is not money, but just a SMILE to wish someone WELL.
  36. FRIENDSHIP MEANS two things, resolving issues and FIGHTING for solution so that every body WINS.
  37. ONE KEY element that helps to grow a HEALTHIE relationship is to stop blaming, but comfront ISSUES.
  38. THE PRICE of every achiever is Preseverance, because it MOTIVATE them to go FORWARD rathan than QUITTING.
  39. WHEN YOU keep your committment to your dreams, it BECOMES reality with no TIME
  40. SUCCESS AND purpose are determine by those who have the RIGHT ATTITUDE to believe everything that they expect is POSSIBLE.
  41. RELAX, BE confident in faith, what God has spoken CONCERNING you, shall surely come to PASS.
  42. YOUR DREAMS and visions depends on two things, will and skill, but let your WILL be stronger than your SKILL.
  43. SUCCESS IS not about a Car or a House, but success is about you, the way YOU think make that SUCCESS.
  44.  EVERYTHING HAPPEN’S for a  purpose, but the best way to make YOURSLF happy is to thank God, when you fall into TROUBLE.
  45. THOSE WHO care for  you need something from you, but the PURPOSE of God’s GRACE is to give you freedom and HOPE.
  46. EDUCATION BECOMES more meaningful and purposeful, when you KNOW where education is taken you TOO.
  47. A GOAL gives you a direction, and EDUCATION gives you PURPOSE.
  48. DON’T JUST go to school, but make EDUCATION as your own business, which to make PROFIT.
  49. WHEN YOU trust God with your life, He will BLESS YOU according to His promise towards YOU.
  50. THE BEST way to succeed in life is to INVEST in the right things, seek God’s direction,  prepare YOURSELF and work HARD.

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