Will KoinSwap beat bitcoin or become a shitcoin ?

That's a good question, isn't it? 


so, you tell me, what do you think? 


Will Koinswap KST Token beat bitcoin in value & growth, or will it 

be another shitcoin? 


can't directly compare bitcoin and koinswap , because it'll 

be like comparing apples & oranges- you can't do that…


…but, you can certainly see how people will react to 

a coin and what's the value proposition of the idea, get it? 


so, even today, billions of people all across the globe are 

unaware of how blockchain & cryptocurrency will change 

the world…


…imagine, when bitcoin got launched (2009), nobody knew

anything about it, and even then, bitcoin is a HIT today! 


slowly & gradually, people became aware…


and NOW, when hundreds of millions, (or even a billion)

and more people know about it, people are more inclined 

to participate in ICOs, and trade crypto…


…its just about the right opportunity. 


koinswap is a crypto currency dex exchange.


Its a "proven business



there's no experimentation to be done…


…we're not reinventing the wheel, its just something that works

already, but a better version of everything that's out there! 


so, will people be interested in it?


Absolutely YES!


now, how's koinswap better that other exchanges? 


a lot of reasons, but one of the most important ones is 


=> Koinswap is a user friendly, people friendly platform. 


you'll be able to spend few minutes on the platform, and

teach the crypto market basics to a 6 year old kid, OR 

even your grandmother LOL!!


its a paradigm shifting platform, trading will become super easy! 


so, just like money, a crypto exchange never sleeps! 


and if you make it user friendly and super easy to use, 

its activity & engagement go through the roof!  


We are in prelaunch and you can get your referral link

inside and start collecting upto 1000 FREE KST Tokens

per free Referral on 5 levels


  • 400 Tokens – Level 1
  • 200 Tokens – Level 2
  • 200 Tokens – Level 3
  • 100 Tokens – Level 4
  • 100 Tokens – Level 5


Also During The ICO which is currently scheduled to begin in August ,

you will be able to collect upto 25 % commissions for all the tokens

sold in your 5 Levels


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will make from the biggest ICO of 2022 in August

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