Wisdom hour 4

  1. YOUR FINISH point is more IMPORTANT than your Starting POINT…  
  2. WHEN you are born to STAND out, don’t worry yourself to fix IN.
  3. THE MOST powerful idea of a man’s gift is self MOTIVATION.
  4. GOD WILL use you if you are a POOR man, but God will use YOU better if you are a rich MAN.
  5. IF YOU don’t do nothing, you don’t become NOTHING.
  6. TOMORROW’S idea are invested in today PLANING.
  7. THE most gifted IDEA that Mans need is THINKING.
  8. WHEN you build a door, opportunity WILL knock at IT.
  9. THERE IS always a victory for everyone WHO has fail, but try to start AGAIN.
  10. DO not become a SHADOW of another person, you are BETTER off being YOURSELF.     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  11. LIFE is not necessary lived, but IS being guided LIVED.     Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  12. DON’T talk about your life, but SPEAK to your life by FAITH.    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  13. FEAR is not a reality, but RATHER a deceiver, He always try to STOP you to achieve your SUCCESS.                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  14. A MAN of honour add colour to HIS nation, when He speak WISDOM.    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  15. AM not happy because i HAVE money, but am happy, because i have a PURPOSE.    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  16. MY FAITH gives me strengh to think like a MILLIONAIRE.                      Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  17. FUTURE is on know, but see it INSIDE you first and your FAITH will make it HAPPEN.    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  18. EVERY vision is a desire, that COMES with positive attitude with POWER and creative ABILITY.                     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  19. THE FRUIT of your Lips, is the words of your Future, so be careful WHICH comes out of IT.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  20. THE best element you need in your LIFE is your voice, because that GIVES you the ability to believe in YOURSELF.                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  21. DON’T be surprise because, what YOU have already said, is what HAS happen by FAITH.                  Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  22. ANYONE who influene His believe, have what so ever HE desire when he PRAY.                                Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  23. MONEY is not an EXCUSE for you to be poor, but rather FAILING to have a Purpose makes you POOR.                    Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  24. VISION is hardwork, but if YOU see the challenges ahead of YOU as determination, achieving success becomes SIMPLE.            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  25.     YOU CAN excuse yourself from anything, but you CAN’T excuse yourelf from time, because that GUIDES you to your FUTURE.      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  26. SUCCESS is the Object of our faith, so have FAITH in YOURSELF.                 Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  27. EVERY tears that comes out from your EYES is a sign of determination, so never stop working HARD.                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  28. I AM confident i will go HOME in peace and Joy, because He that lives in ME is greater than DEATH.                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  29. DON’T left this world without SAYING thank you Lord Jesus. In spite of our SINS He still loves US.                              Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  30. GOD is faithful, and HE is the best FATHER i have ever had, and no ONE can seperate Me from His LOVE.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  31. THE beautiful thing in LIFE is to experience death, because the GATE of salvation is the battle of THOSE who fought and WON.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  32. A happy MAN believes, when He dies today, His SOUL is in God’s HANDS.                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  33. MY life is not complete without TASTING death, and my voice SING with the Angels saying to God be the GLORY.                                                 Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  34. COME to me “ Jesus Sad ’’ and stop RUNNING away from Him, they is no greater friend than THIS.                          Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  35. IS ONLY a fool who says there is no Heaven or Hell, because i ALWAYS feel them in my Heart as if there is a JUDGEMENT TODAY.      Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  36. I WILL not argu my heart for Nothing, if i lived a GOOD LIFE for Christ, eternity is ASSURED.                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  37. I decieved myself when i hide my SECRET from God, because He knows ME before i was BORN.                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  38. I WILL learn how to call on my Lord and God always, than to CALL Him in times of TROUBLE.                         Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  39. MY faith rejoice when my HEART confess i am a Sinner, SO God FORGIVE me and save my SOUL.                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  40. DON’T die because of money. Money doesn’t BELONG to you, but it belongs to GOD.                    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  41. I DON’T know my date of Death, so i will not WAIT to experience any Sickness before i will served God, but i will served Him always to my DEATH.      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  42. MY spirit is filled with His words, my HEART is filled with His songs, and MY SUCCESS is filled with His BLESSINGS.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  43. WHEN i was a child my MOTHER thought Me how to respect, but now that AM an adult, i have inherated my own RESPECT.            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  44. BY my strenght i become LITTLE like an ant, by God’s strenght i BECOME great like SAMPSON.                    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  45. MY heart desire is to LOVE God and served Him, than to LOVE the world and do EVIL.     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  46. I WILL not discharge myself from His grace, neither will i FORSAKE  His directions, but i will order my DAYS according to God’s plan in my LIFE.                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  47. I HAVE ordered my heart to believe all that God has PROMISE to come my way, because He will not fail ME.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  48. YOU CAN’T always win, but you CAN always learn to be the BEST.                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  49. THE power of Wisdom is thinking, if you Hope to be great in life, then THINK.                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  50. BE careful with your integrity and MAKE sure you keep IT.                                                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto. 

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