Wisdom Hour 7

  1. EDUCATION is like a SONG that is being enjoyed by BOTH the poor and the rich in LIFE.                                                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  2. LIFE teaches us how to leave and EDUCATION teaches US how to think and STUDY.                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  3. LIFE is not the amount of MONEY you have, but it’s a TRANSFORMATION that locate the needs of OTHERS.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  4. POVERTY is not your problem, but your problem is that you FAIL to see yourself becoming great in LIFE.                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  5. LOVE doesn’t fulfill the purpose of our future, but it’s our REASONING that charge our responsibility to think ahead of our FUTURE.                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  6. LOVE is the message of your tonque, because WHEN YOU speak, it shows the beauty of your THOUGHT.                                                Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  7. LOVE means share, love means support, love means sacrifice and love means RESPECT.                                                                                Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  8. LOVE locate our voice of need, that bear the witness of FRIENDSHIP.                                                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  9. NOTHING refresh our minds than love, because when YOU accept love, you rejoice in your DESIRE.                                        Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  10. THE faith of our love can NEVER be measured by expensive gift, but it can BE measured by our heart and VOICES.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  11. LOVE is not a prize you have to PAID for, but it’s a humility you need to LEARN.                                                                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  12. LOVE is an opportunity that restore PEACE in our lives, by saying please forgive ME.                                                                         Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  13. LOVE is communication, that travels the thought of our heart to understand our dreams and DESIRE.                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  14.  LOVE is sweet, to experience it brings FEAR into your heart, thinking i WILL be disappointed AGAIN.                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  15.  CRAZY things happens through the POSSIBILITIES of love, because if YOU don’t love someone, you can never  be CRAZY.                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  16. LOVE orders the DUTIES of our being, and teaches the right things to DO.                                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  17. LOVE is like a breast milk, that NOURISH our taste with smile and LAUGHTER.                                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  18. THE sweet aroma of LOVE is trust and patient, but not expensive gift and BEAUTY.                                                                           Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  19. LOVE is like a dream, that keeps you THINKING about Him or Her MADLY.                                                                                             Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  20.  LOVE has no place to hide, because it CAN do anything when you want Him TO.                                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  21. LOVE is like a sound, that OPERATE from your heart to your FACE.                                                                                                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  22. LOVE thinks through our words, but not our DESIRES.                  Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  23. YOU can only SEE yourself through your lover, but not a MIRROR.                                                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  24. LOVE doesn’t worry those who do GOOD to others, but love is against those who do EVIL.                                                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  25. LOVE entice speech that PAYS attention to the words of your HEART.                                                                                                     Samuel Nustugah Aheto.
  26. LOVE weight more than gold or silver, because all the DESIRES of things can not compared to LOVE.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  27. LOVE dwell in prudence, that rejoice in the happiness of MANKIND.                                                                                                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  28. LOVE is the understanding of TWO people, that agrees to learn from each OTHER.                                                                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  29. COURAGE doesn’t speak for Himself, but rather empower you to believe who you ARE.                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  30. COURAGE is life, but not FEAR.                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  31. SUCCESS is not about position, but DOING what is right and GOOD.                                                                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  32. POSITIVE thinking gives us the way to do expolit, by maintaining our FOCUS.                                                                                       Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  33. LOVE doesn’t depend on our strenght, but rather on our motions and THINKING.                                                                                            Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  34. ANGRY profit nothing, but patient makes YOU a glad man or WOMAN.                                                                                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  35. FOOLISH people cause their life with poverty, but the VOICE of the wise makes them RICH.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  36. LIFE is a language that changed tha IDEA of poverty and limitations. If only you believe what you can DO.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  37. WISDOM is the desire in YOU that correct you when you go wrong or you DO good to PEOPLE.                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  38. LIFE is the mark of  teaching, that GUIDE you to believe what you say and what you THINK.                                                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  39. RESPONSIBILITY is the duties of taking charge and maintaining Peace and ORDER.                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  40. LIFE is a call of wisdom, but not competition and BEHAVIOUR.  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  41. LOVE is the fullness of peace, that dwells in our heart to RECONCILE our blameless and bring JOY to our LIVES.                    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  42. LOVE is not a network that functions with principles, but LOVE justified our MIND to see ourselves as one PEOPLE.                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  43. LOVE correct mistakes, love improve faith, love shows kindness, love build friendship, love guide our believe and LOVE makes us a beautiful FAMILY.                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  44. LOVE is our source of GRACE that give us life, peace, freedom and Prosperity. See LOVE as a friend and He will be your brother and KING.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  45. LOVE is the ability to Speak, not from your mind, but from your SPIRIT with UNDERSTANDING.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  46. UNDERSTANDING answers fact, but WISDOM is the solution of PROVED.                                                                                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto. 
  47. DREAMS are not stop OVERS to our desire, but they are KEYS that opens ever door to our FAVOUR.                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  48. GREATNESS doesn’t depend on how rich YOU are, but greatness depend on the FIRST day you begin to DREAM.                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  49. LIFE is a walk of faith, that GRACE us to abide under the SHADOW of strenght, glory and of thy potecting LOVE.                    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  50. LIFE is the light of path, that FUEL our darkness of Hope, to be ready to watch and be VIGELANT.                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.

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