Wisdom Hour 8

  1. LOVE heals wounds and it’s forgive our mistakes and TEACH us how to love AGAIN.                                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  2. LIFE is the duty to watch what YOU do, as ready as you expect something great to HAPPEN.                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  3.  PEOPLE who are watchful are SMART in everything they do, so be careful and LEARN how to watch ALWAYS.                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  4. LIFE is the benefit of council, that GIVE us the power to leave a LIFE of faithfulness and TRUSTWORTHY.                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  5.  PEOPLE who allow the word of WISDOM to dwell in their heart, sing to the happiness of their SUCCESSS.                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  6. WISDOM is my father, understanding is my mother, and knowledge is my friends i walk WITH.                                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto
  7. LIFE is a gift that glorify our NEEDS of conduct to show our talent and DESIRE.                                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  8.   WISDOM can never be measured by your success, but it can ONLY be measured by the word of GOD.                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  9. FAITH is an eye opener, that GIVES you the motivation to learn fom OTHERS.                                                                                     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  10. THE ability to know and understand success is by Faith and KNOWLEDGE.                                                                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  11. WE don’t love somebody because of beauty or Money, but we LOVE to heal wounds and also to give a better place to EVERYONE.                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  12. LOVE doesn’t accept the language of BROKEN promises, but it give way tohppy times of FRIENDSHIP.                                    Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  13. LANGUAGE beautify our identity but LOVE signified our price of FRIENDSHIP.                                                                                     Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  14. LOVE doesn’t marry feelings or passion, but it marry’s Wisdom, responsibility and COMMUNICATION.                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  15. PEOPLE who think EVIL think small, but PEOPLE who think good grows their possibilities of UNDERSTANDING.                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  16. LOVE doesn’t keep us busy, but it only GIVE US slippers night with sweet THINKING.                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  17. CHARACTER doesn’t rescue people, but LOVE can rescue the heart of beautiful PEOPLE.                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  18. LOVE doesn’t speak the language of Violence, but it speak patient and increase our PEACE.                                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  19. EDUCATION is not a talent, but it’s a TRAIN skills that helps you to build a better FUTURE.                                             Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  20. LOVE speak together as Oneness and TEACHES us what to do in our WORLD.                                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  21. NOTHING makes you happy than the DAY you will fall in Love, you WILL see that everything is wonderful within your REACH.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  22. OUR mind can never SEE the end of our life, but our LOVE sees the end of our life with holding hands TOGETHER.                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  23. LOVE means forgiveness, anyone who believes in forgivesness CONTROLS love and keep His heart from HATRED.                                              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  24. LOVE is the heart sincere desire, that TREMBLES in the breast os a noble WOMAN.                                                                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  25. LOVE is the simplest form of speech, that teach US how to love byno MEASURE.                                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  26. MONEY makes decision for people to follow, but LOVE show us the Life, the truth and the WAY.                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  27. MONEY does all things, but Money it self doesn’t do all THINGS.                                                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  28. LIFE is full of passion, but without wisdom life is INCOMPLETE.  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  29. LIFE doesn’t dance with the beat of unbelieve, but it’s moves with the steps of your FAITH.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  30. WISDOM is not how you think always, but learning HOW to make good use of your  time, explain how to THINK.                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  31. LIFE is an opportunity that teaches US to manage our time, by getting our priorities RIGHT.                                                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  32. LOVE is family, that calls on the name of our Pains and NEEDS.   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  33. LOVE is not how you feel it, but HOW to be there for your BROTHER or SISTER.                                                                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  34. LOVE is not a friend, but LOVE is a FAMILY.           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  35. LIFE is the power of your words, so what EVER you do, believe it shall come to PASS.                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  36. FAITH prevail the impossible of POSSIBILITIES.   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  37. FAITH is not an offer you have to try, but RATHER a tstimony to BELIEVE.                                                                                                               Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  38. YOU don’t love because of marriage, but you LOVE because you were born WITH.                                                                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  39. THE greatest achievement in life is to love God, love yourself and to love EVERYONE.                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  40. WHERE there is love, there is forgiveness, where there is no Forgiveness, there is no LOVE.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  41. THE greatest MAN on earth is not with fame and money, but the ONE who stay true to His purpose in LIFE.                                                Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  42. LOVE speak from our Heart, but not our BODIES.              Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  43. LOVE is a command we MUST believe, but not a choice we MAKE.                                                                                                           Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  44. LOVING someone is not a prize, but it’s a REASON that keeps you active and HEALTHY.                                                                  Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  45. LOVE satified the need of our Desire, through the endless food of your THINKING.                                                                          Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  46.  ANYONE who walks with LOVE becomes a friend of love, but NOT a lover of HIM/HERSELF.                                         Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  47. LOVE is lovable when YOU share, the Joy of your heart with OTHERS.                                                                                                      Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  48. LOVE is a seed that communicate our DESIRE of honor to reward our expectation of GIVEN.                                                        Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  49. ANYONE who build success in His/Her mind, acitvate it through the ignorance of poor PEOPLE.                                   Samuel Nutsugah Aheto.
  50. OPPORTUNITY is the IDEA you see today before tomorrow’s COMES.                                                                                                     Samuel Nutusgah Aheto.

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