3 Platforms, Endless Possibilities


View+ – 99% Original

view+ is a Pay Per View platform designed for the trendy and sleek audience who loves to carry their entertainment where ever they go.

The Platform delivers quality and original video content to a wider audience in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Contents available comprise Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos, Rare Sports Shows + More

Dkidz – Safe Contents For Kids

Ghana’s Media and Entertainment space are sadly filled with contents way above the consumption or enjoyment of children.

In fact, No program or content gets released without adult-rated materials, subliminally embedded in its scenes.

For several years, children in Ghana and Africa have been left in the dark when it comes to entertainment.

Most parents have had to resort to acquiring adult content disguised as appropriate for children, and this is a contributing factor to the moral degradation we see on the continent in recent times.

This is what Dkidz Africa seeks to change one content at a time with the creation of Ghana’s First and only platform that delivers high-quality PPV contents curated for children of Ghana, Africa, and Diaporians.

Contents available comprise of movies, series, skits, music videos, dance videos + more

Happy Christo – Better Souls 4 Life

Happy Christo is your go-to platform, if you looking for quality and engaging content for religious communities.

It provides strictly GOSPEL and SOCIAL related contents devoid of nudity, foul language, violence, sexually suggestive videos and more.

This platform has zero-tolerance for negativity and one hundred percent tolerance for positivity.

Get inspired and engaged in a new world of original + exclusive gospel related contents in Movies, Series, Skits, Comedy, Music Videos, Dance Videos, Rare Sports + More


view+ – 99% Original


Get access to originally produced skits and comedy on view+ with the most creative and engaging titles and contents. Are you on a tight internet data budget? then our 2 – 5 minutes skits and comedy are perfect to get you going. No more boredom when you travel, visit a family member or even getting squared in the can. Try view+ and see.


The movie section presents a wow factor and cinematic feel from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. We are creatively curating for you, movies we know you will love to watch again and again and again.


Our series section brings to life, MC MULTIMEDIA’s very own ACTION PACKED and suspense-filled Franchise: GAMERS PARADISE + Other titles that will leave you calling for more.


Make a date with The Patrick and the Chibuku TV crew in this Hilariously amplified home of satire, Mock interviews, Pranks and deliberate comedies you will love to watch over and over and over.


Travel with your favourite video playlist wherever you go. from Highlife, Hiplife to Hip Hop. Dance Hall to Reggae, Traditional Music to Afrobeats, Gospel, Inpirational + more. view+ got you covered.


Keepfit and exercise for that matter are very important. so we decided to curate the best rare sporting moments from Ghana and the rest of Africa. This channel brings you the best rare sports. What more, It’s highly entertaining and engaging.


If paying for contents is not your thing, we’ve curated some contents on our free channel, limited in number though but enough to ignite your interest on what to expect on the other side of view+.

Dkidz Africa – Safe Contents for Kids


Get access to originally produced skits from our talents. All contents in this category have a universal appeal. These skits are entertaining, engaging and most of all spiced up with the right type of education your kids will love. Welcome to the most family viewing experience ever.


Dkidz Africa, supported by its parent organization, MC MULTIMEDIA is leading the way with a fresh experience when it comes to movies for kids. Get access to feature titles like Kikibuti, Mekel’s Angels (Ghana’s First Children Movie), M.I.S + more.


This section is the reason you need to quickly buy your coupon. For the first time in Ghana and Africa for that matter, children do have their series. We are curating the best series in this section. Don’t be left out of this fresh viewing experience awaits you.


This portion of Dkidz Africa features dance videos for the active kid who loves to dance or learn new dance art forms as part of their creative upbringing.

Happy Christo – Better Souls 4 Life

Happy Christo (HC) brings together all the Gospel, Inspirational and Motivational contents from Ghana and the rest of Africa. Contents in here are categorized under HC Skits, HC Comedy, HC Movies, HC Series, Music Videos + More.

Except for the HC Movies and HC Series Channel which requires a subscription, The rest are free to air


Good news! Now you know and we know you already asking how to get access to view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo


Head on to Google Playstore and search view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo

  1. Head on to Google play store and search view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo
  2. Download and install any APP of your choice
  3. Now you have solid entertainment everywhere you go.


MC MULTIMEDIA in partnership with PAYNow Africa’s ‘USSD’ payment platform has created a system that will be used by Ghanaians and the rest of Africa for over a decade and more.
This is the generation of a 15 digit numeric string to be used by users to access contents on view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo.

Debit / Credit cards and Paypal are also available as alternative means of payment.


  1. Access *711*911# on any mobile phone
  2. choose option 5 (Ticketing)
  3. choose option 1 (view+)
  4. Confirm to BUY COUPON
  5. Receive 15 digit numeric string

Once successful, you will receive a message via SMS with further directions to follow in order to activate or redeem your coupon on either view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo.


We kindly indulge your interest to join us make Ghana and Africa’s creative FUTURE bigger with adequate opportunities, not just for a few, but the vast majority of creative people on the continent who are currently wallowing in abject poverty and lack of platforms that will power and propel them to financial freedom, Self-esteem and achievements yet to be felt by the whole wide world.



Content producers can also contact us to negotiate a reasonable deal with us in order to distribute their content on our platforms.


Feel free to partner us if you do want to have a percentage share in contents you co-produce with us.


Invest in contents produced for view+, Dkidz Africa and Happy Christo and get lifetime Royalty share in all contents you have invested in. Investment packages start from as low as 100 GHS to 100,000 GHS + more.


Earn revenue by becoming an agent for view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo.


As a subscriber, you get access to all the contents on either view+, Dkidz Africa or Happy Christo for as low as 1 GHS payable in your local currency wherever you find yourself in Africa.

So the next you are bored and want a partner that will travel with you and give you entertainment like never before, it’s simple. Just embrace view+, Dkidz Africa and Happy Christo.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz


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