Former UN Secretary General, Late Kofi Annan Eulogised in A Netflix Movie

For a spectacular and great son of Ghana, who served the world so well as Secretary General of the United Nations. The late Busumuru Kofi Annan seems not to be forgotten at all.

In a movie discovered by mcBLOG, distributed solely by America’s first and biggest streaming giant, Netflix, Black Rabbit media, and Itapoan decided to keep the memories of the late and former UN Secretary General alive by Eulogising him in this highly praised and intriguing Drama titled Sergio,

Right into 3 minutes 35 seconds (3:35) of the movie, Late Busumuru Kofi Annan’s name is mentioned by Carolina, a female character who is lover to the protagonist of the movie Sergio.

You can say no to everybody, Kofi, Bush.
All of them

Sergio | The Movie

As if that’s not enough, mcBLOG also discovered that at 17 minutes 38 seconds (17:38) The protagonist of the Movie Sergio makes reference to Ghana’s Kofi Annan, while addressing a press.

We are an independent organisation, Secretary-General Kofi Annan and myself are independent. From anyone

Sergio | The Movie

Then at One Hour, Twenty Three minutes, Fifty Seconds (1:23:50) The Director (Greg Barker) decides to remember Kofi Annan by using an inset from CNN which reads

Kofi Annan cancels vacation, will return to NYC tomorrow

Sergio | The Movie

Again Kofi Annan was mentioned by Sergios best friend, Gil in the Movie between 1:37:40

Listen, there are at least three official parties tonight. Bill Clinton wants you at his, so does Kofi.

Sergio | The Movie

Also during a table discussion between the lovers Sergio and Carolina. At exactly 1:41:47 Carolina makes a statement And Kofi’s term is almost up

Bush will definitely owe you one. And Kofi’s term is almost up

Sergio | The Movie

Now at 1:47:46 when Sergio dies out of being trapped in a rumble at the UN Headquarters in Iraq. We hear Kofi Annan’s voice deliver a farewell message to the protagonist. “”Today, we share our shock and sorrow. Then between 1:47:47 and 1:48:23 into this sorrowful movie, An inset from The Late Busumuru Kofi Annan’s Video is shown

“Today, we share our shock and sorrow at the loss of people we loved. Raid, Lynn, Ihsan, Emaad and Basim. Rahem, Ranillo, Rick, Reza, Jean-Selim, Christopher, Martha, Fiona, Nadya. Finally, Sergio. My dear friend. Even to those who didn’t know you personally, you were always just sergio

Sergio | The Movie


United Nations diplomat Sérgio Vieira de Mello must fight for his life when a bomb blast in Baghdad, Iraq, cause the walls to come crashing down.

Initial release: January 28, 2020
Director: Greg Barker
Production companies: Black Rabbit Media; Anima Pictures; Itapoan
Produced by: Wagner Moura; Brent Travers; Daniel Dreifuss
Distributed by: Netflix
Music by: Fernando Velázquez


SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real, No Fakes |

PHOTO CREDIT : Sergio | The Movie

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