The Mpese Royal Family is a Royal Rastafari Chieftaincy Order with a Royal support structure, imitates n instituted within the Rastafari and Diasporan Community in the Greater Accra Region n Ghana as a whole. The Ga Traditional Council with support from the Honourable Chief of Sowutuom Nsunfa Traditional Area and Noryaa Mantse of Ga State Nii Osabu Akwei Tibo Ofoli I, having recognised the positive contributions of the Rastafari n Diasporan Communities to the development of the Ga State and Ghana as a whole deemed it very necessary to enstool a Rastafari Chief with the stool name Nii Ayeh Mpese Congo I and a Diasporan Queen Mother Naa Dede Oboshie Iyata Mpese I now repatriated n resident in Ghana.

The Mpese Royal Chieftaincy with a primary objective which aims at the gradual repatriation of people African descent in the Diaspora to come home and contribute positively to Ghana n Africa as a whole….
The Mpese Stool Clan is a rallying point if call to all Rastafari Sons n daughters in all Rasta mansions across Ghana to come together as on big family…A model African Family to welcome our brothers n sisters back home…being the descendants if fore fathers who were taken as slaves to the West through the Trans Antlantic Slave Trade n now willing to return home.

Our purpose is to create a link between Ghana n people of African descent in the Diaspora to contribute in diverse ways to the development of Mother Ghana with their rich knowledge,skills n expertise they have acquired over the years in the West….
They also in turn have the opportunity to regain their birthright of citizenship which was lost through the Slave Trade.


1. To bridge the gap between Africa n Ghana in particular n people of African descent in the Diaspora.

2. To effectively execute the agenda of Emmancipation n Repatriation of people of African descent back to Africa n Ghana in particular.

3. To train and empower the youths in Ghana to be self reliant by equipping them with employable, entreprenual and vocational skills.

4. Take Agriculture and Agri/Agro business to the highest level using permaculture as the driving force.

5. Through modern and organic methods to scale up food security n sustainability

6. As Traditional rulers and custodians of various lands make lands available for affordable housing through our Eco Village project to boost Eco Tourism.

7. To help speed up the process of African Unity.

8. To link up and network with State institutions and regional bodies such as Ecowas, African Union,United Nations and all other international bodies to achieve our goals.

9. To showcase our Traditions and culture n also help in the orientation of our Diasporan brothers and sisters in African customs n way of life.

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  • Sister Makeda Mac

    4 years ago / June 10, 2020 @ 6:23 pm

    I commend the Mpese Royal Family for the works they have embarked upon and pray for abundant success in their endeavours. We in the diaspora are so heartened to hear that our brothers and sisters welcome us home. As Rastafari it is an honour to be welcomed by the Rastafari Chief Nii Congo I. Blessed be his name. Bless him in all his works and may the Family become larger.

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