SEFA KAYI QUITS PEACE | ‬Fred Kyei Mensah Writes

Dear Reader, It’s the Sixth day of January 2022 and we at mcBLOG feel very sad to be the one to be telling readers both home and abroad that SEFA KAYI has unfortunately quit working with PEACE.

Well. We know by now your adrenaline should be increasing and several thoughts, obviously is running down your brain. You definitely asking a lot of questions. This is exactly how we also felt when we cited this short piece of writing on the facebook page of Fred Kyei Mensah, Popularly known as Freddiema.

Knowing very well the connection of the ace Music producer’s contribution and experiences to Ghana’s entertainment industry, This captivated and indulged our interest to ascertain, if indeed, there is an iota of truth in Fred Kyei Mensah’s caption “SEFA KAYI QUITS PEACE”

Unfortunately for us, we ” breathed some very good amount of fresh air ” after reading Fred kyei Mensah’s diversionary piece. According to the all time best Music Producer and entertainment pundit, A certain OBED SEFA KAYI, ” Accra’s most respected and down to earth sales personnel of Peace phones and accessories ” has indeed, quit working with “Peace Phones, after he had access to study at Accra Technical University. “

Fred Kyei Mensah ended messing with the wishes of some people and went on to ask what really his friends and followers on facebook expected to find from reading his piece. Check his post below.

” ‪The end has come for one of Accra’s most respected and down to earth sales personnel, Obed Sefa Kayi of Peace phones and accessories .‪The 28 year old quit his job at Peace phones after he had access to study at Accra Technical University.See your face. What were you expecting? Lol “.

So we asking only one question. Was this Writing necessary? Was it a way to welcome his fans to 2022 or was is it just Fred Kyei Mensah having fun with himself.

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