Stop Harbouring Fraudsters and Criminals at your station, Listeners Caution Hot 93.9 FM

Whereas some FM stations in the Greater Accra Metropolis will go into the good books of it’s listeners as the best platform that ever existed, Hot 93.9 FM may not enjoy the same fate due to their negligence in allowing their platform to be used by Lotto Forecasters to defraud listeners of their hard earned monies.

A search on google’s main search site “” by mcBLOG reveals that some listeners of Hot 93.9 FM are not happy about how they allow so called Lotto Forecasters to lie and rid listeners of their monies.

Professionally, a google listing by any serious organisation should be the best there ever can be as that could affect the business’ online ranking as well as how serious partners or investors will like to work for or with such business.

In the case of Hot 93.9 FM, this is not what it is. Rather Hot 93.9 FM is gradually making it’s station a safe haven for Fraudulent Lotto Forecasters to ply their trade and this leaves a cause to worry.

Names like Sika Borfour and Eric Obeng are part of the list these listeners mentioned. in a chat with a former and highly popular presenter (name withheld) of the station, this presenter shared with mcBLOG that some agitated listeners after being defrauded by these Lotto Forecasters call to share their resentment and disdain over the countless times they had lost money because they were lied to by these Lotto Forecaster to drop their last penny in staking Lotto numbers given to them. In the end they loose. The worst of it all is when they are asked by these Fake Forecasters that they pay extra charges for taking the number. Meaning these forcasters do not give the numbers for free. Obviously there is nothing free under the sun.

The future therefore is not so bright for Hot 93.9 FM if this practice should continue. Therefore the earlier management arise and do something about this the better.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |


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