Witches trend on Twitter in Ghana

It’s such a shame and superficially confusing that a country like Ghana in the 21st century will be tagged with the name WitchCamp Ghana. This is the official Artist name team mcBLOG found on the newly realeased composition from the Witches Camp of Gambaga. The Album titled “I’ve forgotten now who I used to be”, has one track currently trending on twitter due to the fact the BBC featured this track on their show.

Left to live like an animal is a very melancholic, high imaginative and lonely track composed of a one string instrument layered with the voice of probably a sad alleged Witch who got discovered by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and author Ian Brennan.

In fact, you need to listen to the track “left to live like an animal”. It’s only then you will feel what really is happening with rejected and accused old women who are branded and rejected by their society not because they are witches but rather, because they are old.

Now the question we ask is simple. Must it take an outsider to find a gem and something good about the WitchCamp before the community, individuals as well as the Government do something about it?

Ian Brennan’s (Tinariwen, Zomba Prison Project) prolific Album ” I’ve Forgotten Now Who I Used to Be”, co-produced in collaboration with his wife Marilena Umuhoza Delli, an Italian-Rwandan filmmaker, author, and photographer, collects extraordinary field recordings made at Ghana’s infamous “witch camps”, settlements where women accused of witchcraft can find safety and community.

The saddest issue is that the copyrights to this beautiful and record breaking work of art is not owned by any Ghanaian producer. It’s therefore not so surprising that this project, though available on soundcloud cannot be streamed by music lovers in Ghana.


SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz

PHOTO CREDIT : https://witchcampghana.bandcamp.com/album/ive-forgotten-now-who-i-used-to-be

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