Gods of Theatre Anticipate

This one is not for streaming. If you love to act, sing, dance and be on stage. Then this play is what you need to strive to feature in. Our vision is to run this play every year strictly for the stage until our breadth is taken out of us by the Almighty God himself. And will continue to run as a legacy for God, Country and Continent. It’s a full-fledged play awaiting  production on stage as a collective project from team viewplus.  Do not miss the opportunity to get casted into Gods of Theatre when the auditioning session opens. It’s the biggest stage  opportunity you might ever get. And the experience that comes with it is just something so memorable…

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz

PHOTO & IMAGE CREDIT : MC MULTIMEDIA | All rights reserved

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