Aritha Frankline Kwetey

Aritha Frankline Kwetey is a Liberian-born Ghanaian Actress, a motivational speaker and a music video vixen. She was born on the 11th of November, 1990 in Accra Ghana. She loves acting, singing, dancing,research, music, cooking, reading and loves to travel worldwide.

Aritha Frankline Kwetey is from the Volta Region of Ghana, who loved to participate in social activities in her early days in school, she was featured always in drama, choir and dancing of cultural during every end of year and during Speech and Prize Giving Day.

She obtained a certificate in Typist Grade 1 and Stenographer Grade 11 in Secretaryship. By the End of the course in 2015, she was awarded a certificate of participating in the Special Youth Entrepreneurship Festival. DSF an NGO which was founded on the 19th of August, 2016 by few friends with the passion to assist Orphans, Street children and people with disabilities and our mission was to empower child education mostly in the rural areas. We marked out some necessities of the MAWUSI care center which we have been their guidance and Donated clothings,toiletries, Food items, Furnitures, Fan, Television, Studying equipments and also Public Toilet for the community. And as the interviewer of the DSF am very happy to have met with other NGO members who are also during great to put a smile on the faces of other people.

Aritha Frankline Kwetey’s career in acting began when she exposed herself in knowing more about Acting. She’s worked with many Film Directors back in the days and was trained Professionally by The Patrick. She has been featured in exciting roles. These includes Television series, Movies, Presenting, Music videos and more. And with that She got the chance to work with some of the popular and best Directors in Film and Music Production in Ghana and beyond. Which includes Erhaze Films production by Lucky Akwesi Erhhaze, PB Films production by Efo lucky Caleb’s, Kofas Media by Kofi Asamoah, Wood production, The Patrick and BIGOJ an international Films production company who produced A short musical film which she was also featured tited Ndiyea take me back.

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