Faith Isi

Faith Isi is an Actress and Beautician currently residing in Accra Ghana. She is Nigerian. What Faith Isi brings to the screens in the delivery of what she was born to do is an exceptional display of talent, creativity, selflessness, etc.

Her contribution to Film and Television in Africa is really something to write home about.

Faith Isi started acting way back in 1996. She has been involved in spectacular and great feature movies like Adesuwa, Cobra, and skits like Greedy Girls Directed by The Patrick of Acting Division and All Access Media.

She is also a regular Guest on Debate Unlimited, hosted on Naija Level show by Loaded Mama. Debate Unlimited currently runs on Property TV at 6pm to 8pm every friday and streams to all social media platforms owned bt Loaded Mama Show brand and @propertytv on all social media handles.

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