Now, I would tell you the story of the man who gave me the gift of two brand new suits after the healing of his sick wife. Please I would encourage you to read this part of this post carefully because there is a big mystery involved. In this story, you would learn that most of the problems we face is not caused by witches and wizards or enemies as we claim, but these problems come to us because of our own disobedience to the commandments of God.

Since this testimony is to express the faithfulness of the Lord in keeping his promises upon those he has called, I would also like to remind you that it is important never to forget whatever revelation the Lord has given you, because it would surely come to pass no matter how long it tarries.

Habakkuk 2:2 -3

“Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

I have a family I always pray with. One day, I was told that the man’s sister was pregnant and needed some prayer. I told them I would pass by and pray with her. At that point in time, I actually felt the pregnant woman needed what I would call a normal prayer. So I was not in a hurry to go there. That day, I had a meeting in about three hours from the time I was called to come and pray for the pregnant woman. So my plan was to pass by and pray with them on my way to the meeting. But one hour later, I was called again to hurry up because the pregnant woman was in serious pain. Quickly, I took a taxi and went there. When I got into the room where the woman was, she was lying down on the floor hitching her tummy which was in serious pain. I was surprised. I was told that she has been feeling pain in the tummy since she took in but the pain was becoming unbearable. We prayed and the pain left her. She slept about thirty minutes after the prayer and we all felt it was over. But we would learn later that it was the beginning of sorrow.

That day was Monday; I have a small prayer fellowship that meets in a park behind their house. That evening during my prayer with the fellowship, someone came and told me that the pain had returned and I was needed for another prayer. Immediately we closed the meeting, I went there. Lo and behold, she was in pain again and I mean serious pain. We prayed again and she calmed down and I left trusting God for her healing.

The next morning, I was called and the news was that the pain returned again in the middle of the night and she has been rushed to a hospital. She was in that hospital for three days without any solution. Yet, one thousand, five hundred US Dollars was spent as hospital bills. They brought her home, we prayed again, but there was no solution. She was rushed to another hospital, money was spent and still no solution. Please understand that I was not the only Pastor praying.

I was told that about six Pastors including me were involved in the matter. Yet, the situation remained the same. Again, she was taken to a mission hospital where she has previously been taken to two times without any solution. I was told that on the last visit to the Mission hospital, the doctors advised that she should be taken to a psychiatric home because she was beginning to show signs of mental problem. The family however refused to agree with the doctors. I would like to say that I was also disappointed at the suggestion of the doctors in that hospital. Please note that when I say, “Mission Hospital.” I meant that the hospital belonged to a church. I would not mention the name of the church please. The suggestions of the doctors in that hospital seemed absurd to me. I know the sister was really in serious pain and was behaving abnormally, but I never saw any sign of insanity in her. I am sure they were tired of her and wanted to keep them away from their hospital.

Anyway, it was at this point that the fiancé decided to send her to a well known ministry in Nigeria for deliverance since it was believed that she was being tormented by demons. But we would later learn that it was a wrong move. I was the person asked to take her to Nigeria. We went by flight on Saturday in order to be in church Sunday Morning. It worked as planned. Sunday we were amongst the first five hundred people to enter the church which has about ten thousand worshippers on Sundays. To achieve that, we would have to wake up by 3 A.AM and get ready for service if we want to have a place inside the main hall of the church building. Being inside the hall was necessary in order to have a vantage place to sit and be prayed for..


 Everything went as planned. The sister received prayer and had hands laid on her by one a deliverance minister in the church. Though there was no manifestation of any sort of demonic activity, we were sure that she was healed since she did not feel the pain again.

We were billed to return back to Ghana the next morning which was Monday, but the fiancé asked that she stayed back and worshipped the next Sunday before finally returning to Ghana. Based on that arrangement, I left her back in Lagos in the care of a sister who travelled with us and returned to Accra the next day. They returned back to Accra after being in church the next Sunday. Once again, she was prayed for and we were all convinced that it was all over.

The sick sister came back to Accra on Monday evening. By Wednesday night, I was preparing for the group teaching class when I was called to come over and pray for her because the attack had returned. That was the period I was teaching on baptism. That call almost ruined that class that day. Brethren I was really sad. The trip to Nigeria cost almost two thousand US dollars. So much had been spent on hospital bills. If the deliverance ministers in that church had prayed for her twice and she could not be healed, what was I going to do? I told them I was in the middle of a teaching class. I would be there in the morning. But you see, I could have gone there that same night after the teaching if I wanted to. But the truth is that, I was not willing to go because I did not see anything different my prayer would do, not after all that had been done. But I was wrong. I was looking at my own weakness instead of trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit who has called me to his service.

In the morning, I called to ask how she was doing and was told she had been taken to the hospital again. You see brethren; this was a very tough time for both myself and the family. Every one of us was certain the sister would be healed in Nigeria but the story was different. The healing did not come. We were loosing our faith and trust in the Lord. It was a serious period of test for me in particular. The worst part of it was that the rest of the Pastors were no more showing interest in praying for her. But I could not go away because I could feel their pain too and they believed my God would heal her. In fact they did not know what to do again. I seemed to be the last hope that they had in seeing the hand of God. Yet, I was not sure of it myself. I believe it is always good to confess our weakness. It shows humility and trust in the Lord. I am sure not many Pastors would be this frank. But I am not ashamed to say it. I am not God. I should not pretend to have solutions to people’s problems. Only Jesus does and only him can save anyone.

That morning, I told the sister who called me to come and pray in plain words that I was no more excited about praying for the sick woman because I did not see what difference my prayer could make. That was when she dropped another bombshell. She said three Pastors had revealed that the fiancé had a spirit wife. It was that spirit wife that was attacking the woman because she did not want the man to marry her.

According to them, the plan of the spirit wife was to kill the baby in the womb and make the man leave the lady. That story sounded real, but we would later discover that it was not a message from the Lord because the solution the Lord gave me to the problem had nothing whatsoever to do with that.

Please don’t be confused when I use the word husband and fiancé interchangeably. I do so because during the time of the problem, the man had not married the lady though they were living together. They got married four weeks after her deliverance had taken place.

So after telling me of the word that said the man had a spirit wife, the sister said that she would arrange for the brother to come for deliverance. I was ready for that. We agreed to meet the next day being Friday at night and deliver the brother from the spirit wife so everyone would have peace. Friday night, I was there with another Pastor and the people in the house but the brother did not show up. We were told he said he had a running stomach. Hahahaha.

At the time, I was not happy. I felt like the brother was taking us for granted. But going by what happened later that night which had absolutely nothing to do with what the prophets said, I am sure the brother refused to come because he knew he did not have any spirit wife.

Interestingly, one of the Prophets who gave that word was the one with me that night. He quickly claimed that the Lord had told him that the brother would not come. He added that he told his wife so. But he never told us that until the news was broken that the brother was not coming.

Meanwhile, the sick woman was on the floor crying in pain. I really pitied her and wished that I had a solution to her problem. When it was said that the brother was not coming, my partner who claimed to be on his thirtieth day of fasting and prayer told us not to worry because he{the Pastor} was going to send the tormenting spirit out of the sister to the fiancé since he refused to come for prayer. That was what he said. It was an arrogant statement to me. Sometimes, Pastors can be too arrogant to the point of forgetting that Christ is the healer and deliverer and not us. So whilst my friend was boasting of what he would do, I was quietly asking the Lord to have mercy and solve the problem because I was already tired of the situation and I honestly did not know what to do at that point in time. The brother we came to deliver was not there. I did not know the kind of prayer I was going to offer for the sister that night that I had not offered before. So all I could do at that time was to ask God to have mercy and help us out.

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