Once upon a time, a man of God appeared in the palace and decreed that there will neither be rain nor dew in Israel until he said so. Did it happen? It did. He declared a word and God honoured it.

Indeed, Elijah, the man of God, shut up heaven, and Israel experienced famine for a while. However, we should be concerned about something very important. It is about where Elijah was before his sudden appearance in Israel?

There may be speculations about where he was before that time. But one thing is sure, the Bible did not tell us about his background. All the Bible said about him is that he was a man from Tishbe, of the inhabitants of Gilead.

No doubt about the fact that if Elijah lived in our time, the enemies of God would have attributed his works to Satan. Perhaps, he would have spent most of his time on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms trying to explain himself as a true man of God. That is because there was no record of his past to show how God raised him to the level of holding back rains and commanding fire from heaven to destroy things and eat up sacrifice.

Whilst he was alive, people levelled many accusations at Prophet T. B. Joshua. His detractors said he was not a man of God. Some of his accusers were his own disciples, who felt offended by him. His enemies bought them and used them against the man of God.

Interestingly, T. B. Joshua was a man of wisdom. He countered their accusations with video records of their own activities whilst they were with him. Today, they are quiet. That’s because the man of God used their own confessions and testimonies on video to counter their lies. That’s the power of documentation, especially in audio/visual form.

You can imagine what would have happened if he had no such records. Lies told about him will become truth. Prophet Joshua took those videos when he was still in the cave, waiting for God to expose his works to the world. Unlike many of us who don’t know that fame is a heavy cross to carry, T. B. Joshua knew very well that his detractors will attack his person and ministry when God’s promises upon his life will manifest. On that premise, the man of God was always a step ahead of his enemies by recording everything the Lord told him and made him pass through.

Truth be told, whoever knows the story of T. B. Joshua will surely testify that he was God’s servant, not Satan’s agent, as his enemies want the world to believe. What we have seen and heard about his past would have been difficult to believe if he did not have video records of his works.

Truth be told, the documented record of our walk with the Lord, including prophecies of direction, promises about the future, and rebukes from the Lord to us is very important for future reference.

Testimonies about our dark moments when we felt like giving up and how the Lord led us to the light are very important to be documented. If we don’t have them, when God’s glory shines upon us, Satan will tell the world that our story is not real.

Therefore, whilst you are still in the cave, waiting for God’s greatness to be revealed in your life, kindly take record of your days of small beginning and keep them safe. In your days of greatness, your experiences will glorify God and strengthen others when they hear your story with documented evidence.

I have video and audio files of my walk and experiences with the Lord for many years. Thank God for technology and my experience as a film producer; all I need to have good videos is professional lighting system and a good mobile phone. These two things are my tools to keep a record of how far the Lord has brought me in audio/visual form.

By God’s grace, my story will confound people when they hear it. I will share them with the world at the right time and God will be glorified.

Keep your records too. Don’t give Satan room to contest God’s goodness upon your life. Your time is coming. Remember, as my father Prophet T. B. Joshua would say, “Great things start little.”
God bless you.

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