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                        (My experience) 


 Casting out demons is not hard, if you are anointed for. However, despite the anointing, it is important to understand how demons operate. Without that, even the anointed minister will still find it difficult to cast out demons. The Bible says that it is impossible to disarm a strong man without, first off, binding his hands and feet.  

In my calling as a deliverance minister with regard to the casting off of demons, I have noticed that most times demons try to foolishly  intimidate the minister. I say foolishly because it is nothing but a trick to scare.

I have had demons behave as if they did not recognize the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ when I minstered to the one they have afflicted. But like I said, it is a trick to scare the inexperienced minister. The idea is to intimidate him or her so the deliverance can be abandoned.

If you have a deliverance ministry, never be afraid when demons try to ask you questions like, ” who are you?” or when they say, “We are going nowhere. This is our home.” Its empty threats.

I have seen a lot of such nonsense in my fellowship when demons manifest in someone.  Just maintain your stand in the Lord and ask the demon or demons to get out in the name of Jesus Christ. If a demon behaves foolishly, command it to be quiet in the name of Jesus Christ. It will shut up.

Remember every demon is afraid of that name, Jesus Christ. Also remember that Its a warfare. Never do it in your name. No demon is afraid of you or me.  But all demons including their father Satan fears the name Jesus Christ. That is the only name you can use to cast out demons.

The demons will always want to know in whose name you are casting them out. Dont be foolish like the seven sons of Sceva who tried to cast out demons in the name of Jesus whom Paul preached. They themselves did not know Jesus Christ nor had HIM in them. No wonder they were slapped and beaten by the demon. Dont be a victim.

If you want to be a succesful delivearance minister, be sure you have Jesus Christ as your authority before you venture to cast out demons or they will harrass and disgrace you. I have seen it before. Be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove. Remember, no demon fears your name or my name. They only fear and will bow to one name. That name is called Jesus Christ.  Stay blessed.

Following my post on the above subject yesterday, two people asked to know why sometimes demons refused to be cast out no matter how much the name of Jesus is mentioned. They wont just go.

Below was my response.

Thank you brethren. I would like to respond to the question raised by Laurel Winslett together with your yours, Jo Bean.

Once again, we need to understand that demons are stubborn spirits. Demons have levels just as deliverance ministers also have levels based on anointing and experience.

The first time I cast out a demon was in someone’s church last November, that is about a year ago. I had been invited to preach that night. I went as a preacher and not as a deliverance minister with particular reference to casting out of demons.

It was a Friday night and I had already finished preaching when the pastor asked me to pray for a young lady. Immediately my hand touched her head, a demon spoke out. The demon had tied her marriage down and will not allow any man to marry her.

I have to confess that I was suprised when the demon manifested.  No one had trained me in the area of demon casting. So I had no experience whatsoever. all I knew was to ask the demon to leave in Jesus name. By the grace of God, The demon was cast out in the name of Jesus Christ and the lady became free.

But I will soon learn that with some demons you will do more than just  saying,  “out in the name of Jesus Christ.”

You will find out why as you read on.

That same night, I had laid hands on everyone in the church and two other ladies had also been delivered from demonic attacks. But everything that happened still seemed to me like a coincidence. I did not stil know that the Lord had launched me into the deliverance ministry,  though it been prophesied to me over the years.

The next Sunday I was in the same church to minister and the Pastor had invited another Pastor to come and raise funds for him. In the course of raising funds, there was a manifestation of demons in two ladies. The fund riaser had brought ballons which he said were spiritual bullets against enemies. So every member would give money and  then burst one ballon. According to him the sound will hit the enemies like bullet. So it happened that when a certain two ladies burst the ballons demons manifested in them.

The demons queried the authority of the Pastor and called him a liar. They were ready to beat up the Pastor if the ladies were not held back.  you see it was  strange.

On the Friday that I was there, the Lord had given me a word for one of those two ladies which I gave to her. When I prayed for her and touched her foreheard she went down to the floor gently. There was no shouting and no sign of any demonic activity in her. So we all went home.

Now, on that Sunday service, that lady was one of the two ladies that had demons in them who wanted to beat up the Pastor. Along the line the demon said something that caught my attention.

It said to the Pastor, “So you too have come to try your powers like that Pastor Frank Ogbu who came here last Friday and ruined everything we had done. We had prepared an american visa for this girl and he came and spoilt it. Well, as for you, we will deal with you.”

I was suprised that the demon mentiond my name. All I did that night was to pray for the sister. Little did I know that my laying hands on her had attacked the demonic kingdom where they had seized her travelling documents. The lady was supposrd to have traveeled to the states but demons in her family had seized her visa. Thats what the demon meant when it said they had prepared american visa for her.

So when I heard my name I went out to confront the demons. I did not know much about deliverance than to ask the demon to leave in Jesus name, amen.

It was not an easy battle. I was shouting at the top of my voice yet the demon refused to go. It took quite sometime before it finally went. But after that I lost my voice and had serious headache like a migraine.

All in all, I was happy that the demon left but I was also worried that it took so much energy and struggle.

But, now it is no more so. Since then I have had close to thirty people delievered from demons. Most of them are very stubborn. But I have learnt how to handle them.

Let me say that demons are very intelligent and have a will. They can deceive also. In fact that is one of their major characteristics, deception.

One thing every deliverance minister should know is that demons in most cases are not alone and they always have a leader. The earlier you understand the kind of demon in operation, the easier to get victory becUse you will deal directly with it by memtioning its name.

Its easier to cast out demons if you can make them confess their names and how many they arr in the victims body. If you read Mark 5 very well, you will discover that the demon did not leave the madman until Jesus had asked its name and how many of them were in him. Read the portion very well and you will see that Jesus had commanded the demon to come out but it did not. The next strategy was to ask what the name was and how many they were. Thats when it mentioned its name as Legion and said they were many. Legion was the leader and spokesperson. Jesus had to disarm the leader for the rest to surrender. There is a big lesson to learn from that.

Confession exposes and weakens demons. Sometimes, the demon will worry you if you dont know these things.

The last point I want to touch is that demons have specific places they inhabit in the body. I have discovered that most demons in ladies live in the tommy. Some in their eyes and other places too. The delieverance mimister needs to kmow exactly where the demon has  as its headquaters in the victims body. When you know its easier to attack the demon by releasing fire to that place either by laying hand there or speaking the word.

To be a succesful deliverance minister, you need to know some of what I have said. But very importantly, you have to have the gift of discernment in operation in your ministry. You must be in tune with the Holy Spirit for direction. No guess work.

I hope this will help. Stay blessed.


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