One of the reasons many people in church have become so carnal and are no more afraid or ashamed of their sinful lifestyle is because the Bible says that we should not judge. This has become their defense tool any time someone points out their wrong doings. That is sad.

Indeed, we have no right to judge anyone as we are all guilty of one sin or another at one time or the other. That means that when you judge and condemn someone for sinning, you actually judge and condemn yourself because you too have sinned. This is why none of us has any right to judge anyone.


This, however does not give us the right to go on misbehaving and shut up anyone who rebukes us with the phrase, “Judge not” which has become the slogan of many who do not want to repent of their evil ways.  The fact that we are not given the right to judge others does not mean that we have been given the license to become wayward and bring shame to the name of the Lord.


Truthbetold, evil is evil, any day, and any time. As children of God, we have a task to uphold righteousness and eschew evil. We also have a duty to condemn evil whenever it raises up its ugly head. No matter what anyone tells you, never support evil because evil is of the devil which we have no part in.


Always bear in mind that when you support evil, you become part of the evil. That is why we must not be condone evil, no matter who is involved. Yet, we are not allowed to judge and condemn the evil doer. What this means is that when someone commits evil, we have the right to condemn the evil and not the person. Our duty is to rebuke(correct) the evil doer but not condemn the person as he or she still has the opportunity to repent and come to the path of righteousness.


I say again, as Christians, we have the mandate to stand against evil at all times by correcting those who do wrong. But we have no right to judge and condemn people.  That is God’s prerogative. He alone is the “Righteous Judge”. 


Truthbetold; I am yet to see a man or woman who has no sin this world. That includes you and me. We all have sinned at one point or the other and will still sin as long as we are still alive. This is why we must not pass judgment on people and pretend that we are saints. When we sin, we will ask for forgiveness and the Lord will forgive us. How then can we condemn others who also have the right to be forgiven when they repent of their sins?


For those who want to continue to live in sin and do not want to be corrected because the Bible says that we should not judge, they should understand that there is a difference between rebuke and judgment. To rebuke is to correct, but judgment is about passing a verdict which could be  condemnation or acquittal. That is what we do not have the right to do because none of us is a judge. God alone has the right to judge the sinner when he deems it necessary.


Truthbetold; many people hate rebuke and that is what they call “judgment”. Yet, no one is above rebuke as none of us is perfect. We all make mistakes and once a mistake has been made, rebuke must follow. I must say that whoever thinks that he or she is above rebuke deludes himself or herself. That person is a sure candidate for hell fire.


We have the right to rebuke those who go wrong, and this must be done in love and not in any way that suggests that we are better than anyone. We must always remember that the scripture warns that whoever thinks that he is standing should be careful so he does not fall. The moment you declare yourself righteous and others, sinners, you open doors for attack to yourself. The judgment you gave to someone will come back to you. It is therefore important that we do not think highly of ourselves and make ourselves judge over others.


Like I said, we can rebuke people and help them to come out of darkness. But we have no right to judge and condemn anyone to hell, no matter their sins. To correct people in love shows that we are humble enough to recognize that we are not better than anyone. It also shows that we are aware that we too could fall any time and do not need to be condemned by anyone.  

In his days on earth, our Lord Jesus Christ ate and drank with sinners. He did not love sin and did not encourage sin. Yet, he never condemned anyone who sinned. He rather helped them to see their faults and gave them the opportunity to repent and save their souls from hell fire. That is the spirit of Christ and that is the same spirit that lives in us as Christians. Now, if truly the Spirit of Christ lives in us, we will do as Christ did by showing love to people of all sorts without judging or condemning them. 


There is a story in the Bible that comes readily to mind. I am sure you remember the woman who was caught in adultery in the days of Christ. She was condemned by men and was to be killed. Interestingly, when Jesus stepped into the scene, it was clear that those condemned her and wanted to stone her to death were equally sinners like herself. Some were even worse than her. At that time they pretended that they were saints without sin just because they had not been caught. But Jesus disappointed and exposed their hypocrisy when he wrote their sins on the ground for them to see that they were no different from the person they had condemned.


Truthbetold, too many people have turned themselves to God in our churches. We have too many people with the “holier-than-thou” attitude. They have given themselves the job of judging and condemning others without considering their own sins. This is nothing but hypocrisy.


Well, if you are one of those who have taken up the seat of judgment  to judge and condemn others, I am here to remind us that we have no right to condemn a living person who still have an opportunity to repent. Jesus died to save the world. His saving grace is still very much available for all sinners. Why should we condemned someone the Lord has not condemned? What right do we have to judge and condemn others as if we have never sinned and may never sin? I ask again, why should anyone condemn a living person as if he or she has no opportunity to ever repent?


Truthbetold, those who go about condemning people are in danger of judgment before God, even more than those they condemn because, they have no right to judge anyone. Now, before you condemn others, check yourself and be sure you have never sinned and may never sin. Don’t use your own mouth to condemn yourself by condemning others.


Remember, no sin is greater than the other, and all sin leads to hell fire, including the sin of judging others. Let us be wise and truthful to ourselves and others. My message is simple, rebuke those who go wrong and be humble enough to accept rebuke when it comes your way. But please, let us leave God to judge his people, before we condemn ourselves in our own conceit. God bless you.  

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