What we see these days in church, especially in the area of music and dressing, is nothing but Satan in action. It is obvious that Satan has taken control of most churches, and this is seen in how church leaders have turned blind eyes to obviously carnal behaviours in the church.

Just listen to the worldly songs people sing in our churches in the name of praise and worship. Check out what people wear to church these days(disco costumes). Take a look at the flesh pleasing provoking dances going on in churches today, and tell me if it pleases God. Yet, people are happy with these behaviours in church without minding how God feels about it. The question is, does it please God? If it doesn’t please God, then why is the Lord no longer rebuking the evil we do in churches these days?

Is it our attitude that has brought what seems like the Holy Spirit no longer cares about what we do in his house? Is it that church leaders no longer allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us again? What are the consequences of His silence to our misdeeds? Bear in mind that Ananias and his wife Sapphira died inside the church room for lying to the Holy Spirit. Does he now condone sin?

I do not know what happens in the church where you are, but I can assure you that in our meetings, our worship brings the Holy Spirit to speak to us all the time. He comes to converse with us like a father does with his children. It is in our ministry that I have seen the Holy Spirit ask people why they left church before service ended. I have seen the Holy Spirit ask people why they love their children, husbands and wives more than him. It is in our ministry I have heard the Holy Spirit tell people that He was in church at the appointed time for service, but they came late and still find it difficult to stay till the end of service. It is in our church that the Holy Spirit himself gives people fasting for their disobedience. The list is endless. This is an experience I have never seen in any of the churches I have been part of since I got born again in 1993. I have been part of many churches since then. I never saw any of these in those churches. It is an awesome experience I cherish with all my heart.

When I say that the Lord speaks to us all the time, I would like to add that he does not always speak through me as the pastor. No, that is not the case. He comes and speaks through anyone he choses. In fact, the Lord uses people in my congregation a lot. After all, we are all part of the Body of Christ. In my ministry, the Lord ministers to us through anyone he choses. It is about him, and not about me as the Head Pastor. The church is his, not mine.

Most times,the Holy Spirit comes to instruct us, and sometimes, to rebuke us when we misbehave. Like I said, He speaks to us like a father speaks to his children. We have been blessed to see how much God loves his children by the way he interacts with us. Believe me, this intimate type of fellowship with the Holy Spirit is conspicously missing in many churches, and this is because most of our churches are run by men and not led by the Holy Spirit. Let me share this experience with you.

Last Monday in our church, as we worshipped, the Holy Spirit descended in our midst as usual and a prophecy came that the Lord did not accept our worship that night. As the Leader, the Holy Spirit said to me(through) the person prophesying that I should close the service and let them go home because people were in church, but their hearts were not with God. This time, it was not about dressing. We dress decently in our church. It was not about dancing style. Foolish, satanic dance is never allowed in our midst. So, what was the problem? It was about our hearts not being with God whilst in his presence.

Let me say that it was not new.We have been rebuked by the Holy Spirit many times for not focusing our attention on God whilst in church. It has happened many times, yet people still come to the Lord’s presence without their hearts being with him. But last Monday was just too much because in previous times, he will rebuke us and we advise ourselves and continue. But Monday was different; because he asked me to close the service and let everyone go home. It was obvious that we had grieved the Holy Spirit. I could feel his pain in my spirit and I was sad.

But, I did not the service. Instead, I was pleading for forgiveness and another opportunity to do it right. I knew that if we went home in that state, the whole church will suffer. So, I had intercede.

After pleading for a long time, the Holy Spirit said I should let them continue, but I should not sing with them. Not singing with them was enough punishment for me. I love worship, yet I was asked to keep quiet.

According to the prophecy that came, the Holy Spirit said that I was the only person whose spirit and body was in church that evening. The rest were thinking about their husbands, children, business etc. It was a hard situation for me because we have been through that many times. But it was the first time I was asked by the Holy Spirit to close the service so they could go to wherever their hearts were. Like I said earlier, I refused to close the service. Instead, I had to intercede for the whole church because I knew what closing the service meant in that condition meant. But I had to pay the price by being mute. I was equally grieved in my spirit.

When the Lord asked me to let them sing without me, they sang and sweated for about 30 minutes, yet he still rejected their worship. He came again and said they were shouting and clapping for nothing. He said, it was their hearts he was after and not their shouts and clappings. It was about our hearts not being with the Lord whilst in his presence. Again, he asked me to close the meeting, but I refused. I had to intercede again. We ended up spending 2 extra hours in church that evening before we received the Blessings of the Lord. That of course was after I had interceded for mercy for a long time.

Now, tell me how God feels about all the sinful things going on in church, from clothes to music and dance and our inability to give the Lord our hearts. Why is the Lord so quiet in our church these days with all this sinful acts going on? What is your take on this matter? Feel free to share with us your experience and opinions.

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