All of us, men and women alike, can be happier when we show love to our spouses. If we truly love our spouses, domestic violence will be a thing of the past in our homes. When we talk of domestic violence, women are mostly the victims. Many men may think that I am biased and support women more than necessary. No, that’s not the case. The truth is that women are constantly abused by men and many have come to accept it as normal, which should not be.

Truthbetold; every woman is our daughter, sister, aunt, wife or mother. Yet, we find pleasure in abusing their rights. We always find a way to defend the injustice men do to women. After all, it’s a man’s world, we say.

But the last time I checked, God created the woman and gave her to the man to love, cherish and protect. Sadly, today, many men are in the demonic business of abusing the very women they were meant to protect and love. How sad!

A lot of men think it is their right to cheat on their wives, but a taboo for the woman to cheat. Therefore, the man can cheat and get away with it. But if the man cheats and the wife talks, she gets beaten up. Why? Our men must know that it is wrong to think and act like that. Cheating on one’s spouse is sin, and sin is sin, no matter who commits it. When it comes to sin, we are all the same before God. So, why do men want to be treated as angels when they cheat on their wives, yet they treat their wives as demons for doing the same?

Truthbetold, no one has the right to cheat on the spouse. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. It’s about time people are told the truth. Men, stop abusing your wives. Wives, stop abusing your husbands.

If you don’t love a woman, don’t marry her because you will treat her like an enemy. If you don’t love a man, which means that you are not willing to support to him as the head of the family, don’t marry him because you will treat him as a nobody. If you marry a man or a woman under such circumstances, you will never have peace in your marriage. When that is the case, domestic violence will become your favourite meal. Don’t kill yourselves in the name of marriage. If you do, the law will catch up with you and God will judge you for abusing his creation.

Truthbetold; we all must show love to one another. That is the only way peace can reign in our families and the world at large. The evil a man will not do to his sister, mother, daughter or aunt must not be done to another woman. The same goes to women. Don’t abuse someone’s son or brother, pls. What you won’t do to your father, brother, uncle, etc, please, do not do it to your husband.

The man is not a stick. He has blood running in him too. Don’t push your husband to the wall. Not all men can hold back. But all in all, let us learn to love one another, for love overcomes all evil.

Truthbetold; Domestic violence is demonic and must be condemned

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