As a priest, called of God, and divinely ordained by his grace; I am very concerned with what goes on in the Church of the living God; my Father’s house. Many have tried to shut my mouth by telling me that my posts are judgmental.

Truthbetold; I refuse to accept such satanic accusations because, I judge no one; and I know that such accusation is certainly a trick of the devil which has no power over me. Therefore, I do not care about what anyone thinks of me as far as my messages are concerned; so long as what I preach is in line with the word of God. I was called to speak the truth at all times; therefore, I will continue to speak against the evil in the Body of Christ so long as the evildoers continue to thrive.

Truthbetold; What many in church who think that I am judgmental for speaking out against the abusers of the anointing of God in the Body of Christ do not realize is the damage their actions do to the Body of Christ. What is more painful is that many of us encourage the demonic things they do and even applaud them. But one thing is certain, and that is the fact that all of us will give account of our works to the Lord on the last day.

It is sad to say that many people have lost confidence in the church because a lot of Christians or perhaps I should better say, a lot of church goers who claim they are Christians are bringing shame to the name of the Lord by the way they abuse the anointing upon their lives.

Truthbetold, these days, it has become difficult to trust many who call themselves Christians. Yet many, if not all of us claim to be annointed sons and daughters of God. This is because, many who are in church today are no more sincere. They say one thing and do another. Many lie and cheat in the name of God. Many Pastors have made up their mind to use church as their business center. For them church has become a money making business instead of a place of winning lost souls back to God. Fake prophecies, testimonies and fake miracles have become commonplace. So many people in church are busy deceiving and being deceived. Yet, all of us claim we are anointed.

Truthbetold; When Jesus walked this earth, he was full of love, humility, gentleness, kindness, compassion etc. All that was good was found in him. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power with which he went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.

Truthbetold; Many of us claim that God has anointed us the same way he anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and with Power, yet what we do with this anointing is completely different from what Jesus did with the same anointing. Whilst Jesus used the anointing selflessly for the benefit of mankind, so many of us are rather using the anointing for selfish benefits which is in total contrast to what Jesus did.

Truthbetold; with the anointing, Jesus healed the sick, set the captives free and did good to people. He cared about the people, had compassion and mercy on them. Jesus demonstrated the true love of God to all the people he met. The anointing on his life affected them in a positive way. But today, the anointing upon the life of many have become questionable as it has become a tool of deceit, extortion and threat to people. This is what I call the abuse of the anointing.

Truthbetold, If truly we are truly Christians, then we must do as Jesus did, by using the anointing to break the yokes upon the lives of the oppressed. Didn’t the Bible rightly say that by reason of the anointing every yoke shall be broken? Unfortunately, many so-called anointed people today have become wolves in sheep’s skin. They come in the name of God, but operate in the power of Satan. They charge for prayer and all manner of spiritual works they do in the name of the Lord. Their activities put people in bondage instead of setting them free. But as far as the Jesus Christ that I know is concerned, people who operate in this manner are agents of Satan, and not servants of God. They are the people Jesus Christ referred to as workers of iniquity in Mathew 7. Keep away from such people for the salvation of your soul.

The question I am asking you today is, whose power are you under? Are you operating under the power of Satan or under the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Only you know the answer. Remember that we can deceive humans like us, but no one can deceive God. Whatever is hidden shall surely be brought to the fore someday.

Truthbetold; You might be an agent of Satan masquerading as a child of God. No problem, it is only a matter of time before you will be exposed.

But if you are a child of God with the true anointing of the Holy Spirit upon your head, I will ask that you don’t abuse the anointing by doing things that will make men mock our God. That is a very dangerous thing to do. Remember, no one mocks God.

Truthbetold; There is reward for everything. Don’t be deceived, we all will be rewarded as we have laboured, good and bad alike. This is the time to repent. Don’t abuse the anointing. It is not your own. It belongs to the Lord. Remember that one day, you will give account of how you used it.

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