Many people say things which are wrong without their knowledge. And it works against them. For instance, a lot of believers in Christ pray to God to change their destinies. That is a wrong prayer.

 “God will change your destiny” has become a popular song in our churches. We sing it with so much joy without knowing that it is a wrong declaration.

Why do you want God to change your destiny? From what to what?

The people of old did not sing a song without understanding its meaning. That’s why the old time hymns are forever relevant.

 Unfortunately, these days, people are more interested in the melody that comes from a song than the impact of the lyrics on their lives.

We are more interested in songs which appeal to the flesh than speak to our spirits.

Most church houses have become more of a theatre of comedy than a place of worship.

 In many churches, all manner of songs are welcome. Some churches look more like a disco hall than the house of God. So, we sing songs without even knowing their meanings.

Truth be told, it is not scriptural to sing a song which says that God will change someone’s destiny. That is because God will not do such a thing.

 When we speak of destiny, we are talking of God’s plan for an individual. It is about God’s purpose for someone. Our purpose on earth is a well-thought-out plan by God. He set that plan in motion before he brought us into the world. That’s why he told Jeremiah that he knew him before he was formed in his mother’s womb.

Jeremiah was destined by God to be a Prophet to the nations. He accomplished that.

John the Baptist was destined to prepare the way for the Lord, he accomplished it.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to die to save the world from sin, he fulfilled his destiny.

Moses was destined to deliver the Israelites from the land of bondage. He, too, accomplished his destiny.

Can you imagine any of them asking God to change his destiny?

Who would have accomplished the purpose they were created for?

 A lot of believers in Christ and the world at large do not know their purpose on earth. Many have chosen the wrong path and are frustrated.

In their frustration, they have resorted to asking God to change their destiny. This is a prayer of ignorance which must be avoided.

 If you are confused concerning your destiny, ask the Holy Spirit for direction. Stop disturbing God with a prayer that is out of point. He won’t answer you.

Truth be told, God does not change destiny. He is the author of destiny. It is Satan that tries to change people’s destiny to suit his evil plans.

 Saul was destined to serve God. Satan tried to change that plan. However, God intervened and restored him back to his original destiny. We all know how God used him to advance his kingdom. That was what Satan wanted to destroy, but God stopped it. What happened to Paul was not a change of destiny. God rather restored his destiny, which the enemy tried to destroy.

If things are rough, and you feel you are on the wrong path, it is possible that the enemy is trying to destroy your destiny. Don’t pray to God to change your destiny. Rather, pray for restoration of destiny.

When Satan tampers with someone’s destiny, God comes to restore it, not to change it.

Truthbetold, God will not change what he made because, he made it for a purpose. So, stop asking him to change your destiny. He won’t.

 What you need is “RESTORATION OF DESTINY” which the enemy has stolen, not a “CHANGE OF DESTINY”.

Source:   “Truth be told” (TBT) series

 Author:   Apostle Frank B. Ogbu

                  Head Pastor/Overseer

                  Champion Grace Eternal Ministries

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                   Accra, Ghana


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