A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before him before great men.” (Proverbs 18 vs. 16)

The above scripture is very popular and many quote it often. Yes, your gift is what attracts people to you. If the Lord has gifted us with something, once it shows, it will make rooms for us and bring us before great men.

As a film producer, I have seen how celebrities who were nothing before joining the movie industry suddenly become great and everyone’s fan because of their fame. I have also seen how many young people erroneously think that they can become famous and rich overnight because of their gift. But, it does not work like that.

Truthbetold, our gift would surely make a way for us, but we must work it out. Even Satan will not promote someone without a price. Satan has no free launch for anyone. He is ready to give you what you want and later destroy you, but you will still pay for it. Yes, whether you are using your gift to glorify God or to promote Satan, there is always a process and a price to pay for it.

I have no business with Satan, so I would speak about how to make your gift work as a believer in Christ.

Now hear this;  every human being on earth has a gift or gifts the Lord has blessed the person with. These gifts are the natural abilities the Lord has given individuals to do things in a unique way to reveal his glory. It is those gifts that would open doors for you and bring you before great men. But then, each one of us must work out the process.

Until you do your part, nothing would happen and no one would know that you are there. It does not matter how great a product is, without advertisement, no one will patronise it.

Therefore, what we do with what we have is what determines the result we get. Again, there is a process which must be patiently worked out. Like the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.”

Truthbetold: Nothing in this life happens overnight. There is always a beginning for everything. Even our Lord Jesus Christ had to learn to walk like every other child, notwithstanding that he was God. Having come in human form, he also had to grow through the laid down process of growth.

In life, everything has a beginning. We all must learn to start little. Plant the seed in your hand, water it, weed the garden, protect the plant from pests and rodents; give all to make sure it survives. It is only then, that it will bear fruits for you. Any plant left at the mercy of weed, pests and rodents is bound to die.

This is how ministry works. When God calls us, He deposits his spiritual gifts in us in line with our calling. Then He gives us faith to work it out.

I have noticed with great pain that many cannot do ministry because of lack of money. They always complain about lack of money without knowing that all the wealth they need to pursue their calling is already deposited inside of them. If only they would have faith and act as the Lord leads, they would see how doors will open and usher them before great men.

We have a lot of great men of God who did not have any form of formal education or money, yet Kings and Presidents run to them for help because of the gift of God in their lives. 

In their early days, such great men of God had no money and connections in high places. Just like me, they were considered “nonentities” by the world, but they knew that something great that would bring them before great men was in them and they worked day and night to make it shine.

Today, that great gift that was hidden in them  has opened great doors and the “nobodies” have become great men and women of God the high and mighty in the society is now running after.

Joseph went to Egypt as a slave boy. But that slave boy would later become next to Pharaoh. Joseph refused to concentrate on what he did not have in the outside but used what he had in the inside to change things. It is important to stress that Joseph had the gift of dreams and interpretation of dreams. He knew that that gift will make room for him and bring him before great men one day. That was why he used it each time the opportunity presented itself. It was that same gift of interpretation of dreams that God used to make him the next in command in Egypt where he was once a slave and prisoner.

Truthbetold, Your gift is your ministry seed and it is faith that keeps our ministry seed alive. Because we have faith in God, we will nurture our gift, water it,  protect it, and grow it with the word of God.

When the gift is matured; that is, when our character has been fully developed to use the gift properly for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God, then it will bear fruit by making a way for us and bringing us before Kings and Queens.

Do not despise little beginings, and don’t expect your giftings to work like magic. God is a God of order and patience, and not a magician like many think.

Truthbetold; God takes time to develop the gifts he has released to us. What we do with them is what gives the results we get. If we cherish and develop them, we gain, if we abandon them, we loose, and God will move to the next person and leave us behind. When that happens, we are the losers.

Obedience is the secret

Many think that success is automatic but it is not so. To succeed in life, you need to submit and obey the Master. As Christians, we must never forget that our Lord and Master is Jesus Christ. Whatever gift in us is from Him and it can only blossom when we submit to Him. Our obedience to the Lord and faith in Him is what will make our gifts shine.

Therefore, if God has called you to do something, obey Him and move out in faith to do what He has called you to do.

Truthbetold, money is good and important in ministry, but money is not what we need to start ministry. Never allow lack of money to stop you from preaching the word. He who has called you is able to take care of you. Again, all you need is faith and obedience. He who has called you is faithful. He will supply your needs as you keep pressing on. I say this from experience.

Truthbetold; your faith in God must be tested through your obedience. Obedience is the first test of our submission to God. When we obey God, he reveals himself to us.

Don’t deceive yourself, you cannot reap what you did not sow. God will never use someone who does not obey him, neither will He use someone who has no faith in him. Always bear that in mind.

This message is particularly important for those who have been called into ministry but think that money is the reason why they cannot do the work. Focus on your gift and the Lord will open doors of help for you. But again, remember it does not happen overnight. Obedience, patience and faith in God is the key. God bless you.


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