We can all bear witness to the fact that the prophetic ministry is getting more and more abused by the day. This is because many believers have placed prophecies as something more important than the written word of God. Because of this, many believers are running after prophecies and everyone who can prophesy like ants run after sugar. This has become too common, especially on social media. 

 May I state clearly that I am not against giving or receiving prophecies, but we must not think that all prophecies are from God and that whoever prophesies to us is a prophet. No, that is not the case.

 To many, it does not really matter any more if the prophecies they get are from God or from Satan. They really do not care. All they want is to hear what the future holds for them. I reiterate that to many believers, it really does not matter if the prophecy they get is from the Holy Spirit or from Satan. Everything goes. This is where the danger is.

Truthbetold, many believers do not have the ability to judge prophecies, so it is difficult for them to determine the sources of what they receive as prophecies. They take everything as they come. This is extremely dangerous as it opens them up to the deceptive devices of the evil one.

 Didn’t the Bible ask us to judge all prophecies and test all spirits to know if they are from God? This is something many believers of today care less about. All they want is to hear something about their lives. Many are actually living their entire lives based on prophecies. Many can no longer take decisions for themselves. They only do what whoever they have adopted as their prophet tells them. It is the prophet who speaks to God on their behalf. Whatever he or she says on a given subject in their lives is seen as a direction from God. It does not matter if such prophecy or direction lines up with the scripture or not. This has brought trouble to so many people.

 It is sad to say that many believers have sacked their God given wives and married demons because a so-called prophet said so. Many businesses owned by believers have collapsed because the owners preferred to listen to their so-called prophets more than they listened to God.

 Truthbetold; there are many things going wrong in the Body of Christ, simply because we have given so much liberty to people who claim that they are prophets, but are not.

 Truthbetold; the ability to prophesy does not make one a prophet. Prophesying is a gift that can be exercised by all believers according to the proportion of each man’s faith. Yet, not all believers are prophets. That is why it is said that all believers can prophesy, but not all believers are prophets.

 Prophets have far more tedious works to do in the Body of Christ than prophesying. This is not to say that it is easy to prophesy. No, it is not. Those who prophesy will tell you that it requires a lot of faith to prophesy. Without faith, it is difficult to prophesy anything to anyone. How do you just wake up and say something to someone you do not know, except you have faith that you are speaking what the Lord has placed in your spirit concerning the person? Only faith can do that. So, we cannot simplify prophesying.

 However, prophets( those who have been given the grace to function as God’s prophets) do far more than prophesy. Intercession, helping people to stay focused on the path of righteousness, rebuke, pulling down strongholds of the enemies through warfare prayers, acting as Watchmen, etc., are all important aspects of the work of a prophet. Those are, in fact, even more tedious work than prophesying, which every believer who avails himself or herself can do. This is something that many people do not understand, hence the erroneous belief that whoever can prophesy is a prophet.

 Truthbetold; someone can prophesy to hundreds of people at the same time and still not stand in the office of the prophet. If one is a prophet, people will recognize it in time. His works will prove it, and that work goes way beyond prophesying.

 It is sad to see that many believers think that whoever can prophesy is a prophet, hence the frantic efforts by many to prophesy in order to prove themselves as prophets. You do not have to prove to people that you are a prophet by forcing yourself to prophesy all the time. Whoever does that will surely open up himself or herself to familiar spirits, which is extremely dangerous to everyone around, including the prophesier. This is something we must avoid at all costs.

 Most importantly, the ability to prophesy correctly does not make one a prophet. Many believers can do that, yet they are not prophets. Let us try and know our true calling to avoid giving Satan room to deceive us, by making us think that we are what we are not.

 Truthbetold; there is no competition in ministry. We may have different gifts, yet it is the same Holy Spirit that is working through us. That means that none is greater than the other.

 All ministry gifts are important to the Body of Christ as they all work towards one goal, which is “Perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edification of the Body of Christ till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God according to how the Lord wants it”(Ephesians 4 vs. 11 – 16, paraphrased).

 To that end, it means that no ministry gift is greater than the other. They all have one goal as stated above. We should stop ascribing so much importance to the prophetic ministry. It is doing great harm to the Body of Christ as Satan has taken advantage of it to attack the church seriously and souls are perishing ignorantly.

 Finally, may I say that we succeed in ministry only when we walk and function according to the “grace” the Lord has given us to operate in a particular office. Anything more than that will bring destruction. Again, let us avoid that.

 If you have the gift of prophecy, use it well. If you have been called into the office of the prophet, do your work in humility, for we serve the Lord, God. It is about Him and not about us. Always bear in mind that not all those who prophesy that are prophets.

 Some attributes of a true prophet of God includes; humility, love, compassion and total obedience to God. True prophets of God hate sin and love righteousness. They seek only to please God and not men. And note this; true prophets of God are not materialistic. By their fruits, you shall know them. Do not be deceived anymore. God bless you.

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