Any Pastor whose message is solely on prosperity (money, money, money) and never speak of righteousness, patience, long-suffering, love, and above all, the consequences of sin which is eternal doom in hell fire should reconsider his or her calling because that is not the way of God.

Truthbetold; if you are sitting under such pastors, you must wake up from your slumber because you are no doubt on your way to hell fire without your knowledge.

Let me make it clear to those who care to know that many so-called men and women of God in our midst today are cheats and businessmen and women who are in church to make money. They have no calling whatsoever as men and women of God. They have no anointing to preach the word of God. They are simply and strictly business people who have found a fertile soil to sow their seeds of deceit for material gains. Such people don’t care one bit about the salvation of the lost and perishing souls out there. These are the people Jesus said he will deny as workers of iniquity on the last day. 

Read Matthew 7 : 21-23

Truthbetold; the core mandate of any man or woman of God is to lead people back to Christ for the salvation of their souls. This is the reason we have been called and anointed by the Holy Spirit and not to turn the house of God into a business center like many are shamelessly doing.

Therefore, any man or woman of God whose only message is money, money and money; prosperity and how to acquire all manner of worldly materials is deceiving you. If all they say to you is, “Sow seed and become rich.” Then something is definitely not right somewhere.

Truthbetold; sowing seeds to support the work of God is good and surely brings blessings. I encourage you to support God’s work in any way you can, including your giftings and substance. But it must be done with the right motive and not as a way of forcing the hand of God to bless you. God does not need your money berore He blesses you. Whoever tells you that is a liar.

I sincerely believe in using our substance to serve the Lord, but I have never forced anyone to do so by teaching that you become rich only by sowing fat seeds in the church. I have sown seeds and will continue to sow when I am led by the Spirit of the Lord to, but not when someone forces me to do so as a requirement for God’s blessings.

Truth be told; you cannot become rich just by sowing painful seeds in the church like they say. You become prosperous and successful in a good way by keeping the commandment of God. Joshua 1 vs. 1-8.

When the Lord called Joshua to lead the people of Israel after Moses was taken away, he made it clear that Joshua and his people will be prosperous and have good success, only if the book of the law which is the word of God did not depart from their lips. The Lord asked them to keep meditating on it everyday and keeping all that is written in it.

Sadly for us today, prosperity preachers have turned the message upside down. For them, the only way to prove that you are blessed is to have money. For them, Christianity is all about money. That is deceit, deceit and nothing but deceit. I do not care who has taught you or is teaching you such. But I am here to tell you that such teaching is not of God, but a big FAT LIE from the devil. This is a demonic teaching which encourage people to do just about anything to make money in order to prove that they have been blessed by God. And I ask, by which God?

The God that I serve; that is Jesus Christ does not glory in sin. If you are making your so-called wealth in sin, then your god is satan, not Jesus Christ. Those who encourage you are demonic agents posing as Pastors. Deliver yourself from their hands before they deliver you to eternal doom.

Truthbetold; Money is good, but money is not usually the evidence of God’s blessing. Satan deceives people with money and power, but God blesses his children in several more ways than money. The true blessings of God are peace of mind, divine health, divine favour etc. These are the inheritance of those who fear God and keep his commandments.

Truthbetold; being a Christian is not about money and worldly power because Satan has all it takes to give money and power to those who are ready to serve him. No matter how rich you are, if your wealth does not give you peace, then you are not with Christ. Satan can make you rich, but Satan cannot lead anyone back to God which is why Jesus came and died for mankind. So Christianity is about salvation and not about money like the prosperity pastors are telling you.

Truthbetold; Jesus did not shed his precious blood just to give us money. Money was already in the world before Jesus was born. Even those who don’t believe in him are making money through all manner of satanic means. Don’t be deceived, the Jesus Christ I serve, came to save the world from sin, and not to give you money. Again, don’t be deceived!

In Mark 16, when Jesus appeared to the disciples, he gave them the great commission to go and preach the word to the world. Jesus said that those who believe in his name and are baptized shall be saved. This means that the only reason Jesus Christ came to this world was to give us salvation. So, why follower people who have equalled Jesus Christ to something as little important as money?

Truthbetold; there is no place in the Bible that the ministry of Jesus was centred on money, neither was there any record of such by the disciples. Their mandate was to preach repentance to sinners in order to save their souls from hell fire. And that was their focus all through; that is to save lost souls. Ask God to give you wisdom and stop following the teachings of men who call themselves men and women of God, but are enemies of Christ in disguise.

Didn’t the Bible ask us to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added?

Did the Bible say to seek prosperity first and the kingdom shall be added later?

Why are these prosperity preachers teaching you otherwise?

Truthbetold; the richest people in today’s world are not Christians. Many rich men are people who make use of their talents and their understanding of natural laws that controls everything, including money. Yet, many people in church are running after foolish people who pose as prophets thinking they have power to make them rich. If you are one of such people, I urge you to wake up from your slumber.

Listen to me, teaching ignorant people who call themselves Christians that they will become rich by giving all they have to a so-called man of God is sheer deceit. Little wonder, many Christians are still poor and many are getting poorer despite the fact that they are giving and giving to the church everyday.

Truthbetold; Giving is good, but when you give based on the wrong reason, you will reap nothing but poverty and heartbreak. Those who teach this are not being honest to the Lord they claim have called them. They will pay for their sins, but in between, don’t be their victim.

And you who claim you are an anointed man or woman of God, if all your message to your followers is about money and power, then your calling is questionable because that is not the teaching of Christ. Money and power will not give salvation to them. Stop deceiving the children of God. There is a lot of space for frausdters in the world. You can join them if you can’t repent from this demonic activity you are advancing in the house of God.

If on the other hand, as a follower, you believe that all you have to do to become rich is to sell all you have and give the proceeds to your lying pastor whilst you are swimming in the ocean of sin and poverty, then you need to be born again so the Holy Spirit will teach you the accurate knowledge of the truth. That is what you need to be set free from the shackles of merchandisers posing as men and women of God.

So again, I ask you this morning, “Are you a prosperity or salvation pastor? Remember God sees our hearts. So save your soul from hell now by repenting from your evil ways. Speak the truth to your followers and save both yourself and them from perishing.

Truthbetold; money does not give salvation, but righteous living, holiness and obedience to the Lord is what you need to be saved. So beware of prosperity preachers who say little or nothing about the salvation of your soul. God bless you.

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